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Spiral_Stars: Best of 2009

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  • It may not be the most original in terms of gameplay, but originality sure didn't stop Mirror's Edge from being an excruciatingly boring game. Excellent shooting and platforming, great story, great graphics, fantastic score, and the best voice acting we are likely to see until Uncharted 3, UC 2: Among Thieves is absolutely jaw dropping.

  • It may be glitchy. It may be campy. At times, you may want to throw your controller at the tv and never play the game again. But you won't because it's still Call of Duty, and the multiplayer is still incredible. Oh, and the single-player isn't bad either. And spec ops is good for a few hours of entertainment.

  • What does dark fantasy mean? Lots of blood spatter and implied rape and sex! It also means some great if not forgotten RPG action, a cast of relatively interesting characters, a good story, and gameplay that even the layman can handle.

  • Coming out at a time where PS3 exclusives were as barren as Chernobyl, InFamous was a reason to finally turn on your PS3. And to steal peoples' soul. With lightning. Red lightning.

  • Its out earlier than most people would like (ironically), but L4D2 is still some of the best zombie killing action you can buy. Assuming you have friends.