My Ridiculous Backlog

This is a list of various games that I either own but have never played before, played a long time ago and intend to play again someday, or intend to purchase and play through at some point in the future. Watch, and be amazed as this list grows longer and longer but the amount of games that I complete simply can't keep up!

List items

  • Own both the original 360 version as well as the PS3 Director's Cut. I intend to run through the Director's Cut, because I'm a sucker for extra content. Bam!

  • This is embarrassing, to tell the truth I never did make it out of 1-1 when it came to Demon's Souls. I've made it to the dragon on two occasions and messed it up both times. Would love to sit down and really give this a more serious attempt sometime, especially considering how much I got better in Dark Souls.

  • I've played through this several times before (the first and second, most notably, were done in one sitting each). Having had some time pass, I want to revisit this game not only to reexperience it but also to gather up a few trophies.

  • Bought this the day it came out, but unfortunately I was balls-deep in Higurashi and ended up spending an absurd amount of time completing it. Not fairly far, but I hope to return to this at some point later on.

  • Another case of bought it the day that it came out but was just too busy to really get into it at the time.

  • Stopped at the first proper Revolver Ocelot fight because playing without a Circle Pad Pro was a PITA. Kind of lost enthusiasm for completing it because now I'm more inclined to just play the HD Collection if I want to play Snake Eater, but I'm sure at some point I'll run through it just to see the changes.

  • Picked this up and did the first few quests, but ended up getting bored before the game really started, and then got distracted by starting up Higurashi. I'll probably wait until Monster Hunter 4 makes it over to the states so that I can do multiplayer with friends or something.

  • I've played through this game many times, but only recently I found out that there is a lot of content revolving around calling Nozomi every night, as well as several other cutscenes and such that I've never run into. What an incredible game, in that it has so much content that truly makes every playthrough a different and unique experience. Easily one of my favorite games of all time.

  • Picked up because I heard it was similar to Shenmue, and burnt out a bit about 75% through, then proceeded to lose my save. Even though people recommend to skip this, my OCD won't allow it, so I'll be back to finish this one so that I can get on with the series, which honestly looks like it just gets better and better with each entry.

  • I got this a long time ago and never really played it except for like an hour once. I was enjoying it quite a bit (felt like something that would have been right at home on the Dreamcast), but never got back to it for some reason.

  • Here's another embarrassing one: I've probably put at least 120 hours into Persona 4 since it came out on PS2, but I've never actually finished it. I kept starting over because I would get burnt out and end up attempting it again much later from the beginning. Furthest I have been was Void Quest. Currently, I have a save in Rise's dungeon, and I don't intend to start over ever again. I WILL finish this damn game someday, mark my words!

  • This is a similar case to Persona 4, except I've never made it past the first hour or so after you take down the first major boss. Would very much like to finish someday.

  • Having anticipated the fan translation for some time and falling in love with the game upon playing the first few hours, it's kind of a mystery why I haven't picked it back up. Definitely something I am looking forward to playing.

  • I really enjoyed the first Witcher a lot, and the few hours I've played of this were AMAZING. My computer doesn't run it very well, but I intend to see this through to the end at some point too, especially with Witcher 3 coming up.

  • I really enjoyed the first Crysis game, and although I have heard that this is a much more linear and typical "cinematic" FPS experience, some of the screenshots I saw were absolutely GORGEOUS and I want to play just to run around in those levels.

  • The furthest I have ever gotten since I was a child was the beginning or so of the second disc. Definitely will be giving this another shot at some point. I strongly regret losing my saves.

  • This is in the same boat as Final Fantasy VII, in that I stopped at the beginning of the second disc.

  • Always wanted to play, have had it for several years but never have. Should get on it.

  • I've gotten to the third Colossus before, but never did defeat it.

  • I was enjoying this game immensely until it got to the Milkman Conspiracy level and I ended up getting lost in the map (which I did love but this was kind of ridiculous) for about three hours before just giving up.

  • GOD, this has been one of those games that I've always wanted to play since I was a kid. I recently got ahold of it, but was having a little difficulty getting used to the controls initially and decided I'd give it a more serious attempt at a time when I could really sit down for like 6-7 hours and just play it.

  • As a big fan of the first two games (they were my CHILDHOOD, along with Starcraft), let me first say that I hate this fucking game. That being said, I spent 50 bucks on it, so I'm going to beat it someday.

  • Bought Day 1, got what I estimate is about 20% into the game, was a little distracted by playing another game because I was at the final stretch and had been playing it for like 150 hours, friend started getting INTO MY SHIT about how he wanted to play this, said fine fine and loaned it to him, it's been like 3 weeks I want my game back I am crying rn please help me

  • Another case of the "bought it Day 1, got distracted by real life stuff, haven't finished it"

  • Kojima made it, I have to play it.

  • I actually own this on PSX! Hopefully going to boot up Sega CD on an emulator or something and run through it at some point. I've played about 25% of the game before.

  • Also own this on PSX (with the Private Collection as well). Must play someday.