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Soulless Crap, more like. 0

Who is this game for?  I wondered this the entire time I played it.  The game feels like it wants to be both accessible to newcomers, while simultaneously trying to be up there in the ranks of games like Street Fighter or Tekken.  This game doesn't come close to either.The story is rubbish.  Story mode greets you with a freaking brick wall of text full of writing that's terribly written, but not bad enough to be charming (like Samurai Shodown, for example).  I don't think anyone out there cares ...

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Maybe not as"filled with fun" as it could have been. 0

Viva Pinata opens with a sickeningly catchy theme song that wouldn't be out of place in a Nickelodeon Saturday morning cartoon series.  A pre-schooler's one.  It even comes with a "why not to talk to people you don't know on the internet" video in the main menu.  Despite this, the game manages to find the perfect balance on a fun for kids and adults scale, even if it does stumble a bit in the end.At first, your garden is a dusty pile of crap.  Your objective is to make as nice a garden as possib...

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The worst WW2 game in recent memory. 0

A few years ago, my friend and I would get into arguments about which was better: Call of Duty, or Medal of Honor.  The both of us had only ever had the ability to play the PS2 versions of both games.  No matter what was said, it always came down to me saying this: "Sure, the last games weren't so great, but Frontline was the best WW2 game ever!".  EA recently released Airbourne, Vanguard (which, to be honest, I haven't played), and, of course, Heroes 2.  What I'm getting at is that EA hasn't ev...

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Haunting. 0

    Condemned: Criminal Origins is quite possibly the scariest game ever developed.  This might seem crazy...Condemned is scarier than Silent Hill, Resident Evil, or Clock Tower?  Hell yeah it is.  Scarier than those games combined.    The game opens with our hero, Ethan Thomas, investigating a crime in a condemned building (get it?) in a bad part of town.  It's here where we're introduced to the investigation mechanics.  Investigating a crime consists of...pressing the X button and listening to...

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