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No one on my Facebook wants to admit they obsessively play Tap Titans at the detriment of their lives and relationships, so I have no friends to import. For any of y'all who feel like it, my friend code is gvglqv0 . Word!

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Dungeon keeper 2. Nothing more relaxing than designing those dungeons.

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@Zelyre thanks for the reply! No need to worry, I am very familiar with raising pets :) helped raise a beagle from a pup, which included constant training and reinforcement. My girlfriend however has little experience but I am going to get her some excellent reading material. And thanks for the advice about neighbors, thankfully we don't really have any where we are situated so the little tike Can make as much noise as they want :)

Researching the vetinary And insurance costs as We speak!

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@marcsman We don't have a garden as we live in the center of town. There is a nice park right beside us though and some great places nearby to walk a dog. The landlord is fine with whatever dog, the previous tenants lived here for four years with a great Dane.


She loves corgis. If I can get my hands on one I might go with that.

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Thanks everyone! I understand that socializing is extremely important, and I hope that aspect will be easy enough with the dog getting accustomed to strangers and customers in the bar. Are there any particular breeds that are physiologically more sensitive to loud noises? I know that all dogs are to a certain extent, but is there a breed I should avoid?

Going by your advice and some I have recieved form friends I think I will be contacting the shelters around here and seeing what the story is.

Edit - also I might possibly be able to get a corgi, anyone have any experience? They seem perfect for our situation, although I have read in a few places that they require extreme amounts of exercise. That does not seem to make sense with their build.

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Hallo my lovely Duders,

My girlfriend is obsessed with dogs, and I want to get us a dog at Christmas as a surprise for her. I have been purposely poo-poo-ing the idea to throw her off. However, our living and employment situation is kind of unique. While I would love to adopt straight from the shelter, I have some concerns about appropriate breeds to suit our situation. My number one priority is that the dog is comfortable and happy.

We work in a bar, and live above it. Our opening hours are from 18:00 - 23:00 Tuesday to Thursday, and 18:00 - 05:00 Friday and Saturday. The apartment is directly above the bar. During the week it is fairly quiet, however it is definitely quite loud in the evenings at weekends.

Can anyone recommend a particular breed that may suit our situation? A breed that is suited to am active environment and known to be friendly with people. Here in Germany it is not unusual for people to bring their dogs to the bar, and I would like our dog to be able to hang out with us on the quiet evenings.

Also, a dog that needs just a modest amount of exercise. We will be spending a lot of time with the dog, on walks etc, but we do not have time for a dog that requires a huge amount of exercise.

I want to pick the right kind of dog so the dog will be happy. Any advice would be appreciated!!

(Also if anyone of you are worried about me getting a dog "just for christmas", dont worry! I grew up with lots of pet dogs and cats, and was always in charge of training our dogs. I understand fully the responsibility involved! :) )

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Get these vaginas and penises out of my video games please. The last thing I want to see after dragging motorists out of their cars and burning them on a big pile are accurately rendered vaginas and penises. Completely kills the mood.

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Skeap niwt evol osla I

Gotta love that dwarf.

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Keep it caj. "Hey, I'm gonna get a burger after class and maybe go see that Strange. Wanna come with?"

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I'm with the Frankfurt data center, ping a solid 20-30, but am consistently jumping and popping around due to server lag. It is very frustrating.