Games released and played in 2018

By order of what ever the heck I listed them in. (So no order!)

List items

  • The first Monster Hunter that has got me hooked and also the first to a home console, a correlation? Most likely.

  • A real good game with a group.

  • I wish I didn't bounce of this game hard, maybe come back to it.

  • Boy oh boy, I completed it but I also hated it.

  • From the outside looking it, the potential with this game could have been real strong. But alas it wasn't to be.

  • Like the first one, not there yet.

  • Finally a worth while update to the game in my opinion.

  • As someone that doesn't usually play Rogue-like-lights or what ever you'd like to call it, I really enjoyed this and feels so good to play!

  • A grim dire situation to play, but pretty neat.

  • I do want to come back to this game, so can't say much yet.

  • For some ungodly reason I didn't play it at release and dropped it for something else. As of yesterday I just 100% it, pretty fricken good game!

  • Exactly what I wanted of a new Spider-Man, gave me real good vibes like the old Spider-Man 2 game, but with a solid story to go with it.

  • A spiritual successor to theme hospital, nearly nailed it for me but not quite.

  • A breath of fresh air with a nice chilled game, loved the style and humour.

  • I really thought going in that there wasn't enough for me to come back after following every single Horizon game. But this one kept me hooked for so long and the multiplayer steps taken make it seem more like a world, but it does however need some better ways to do the "PVP" races and anything related to other online player races, I found it difficult to find races unless I'm doing it wrong.

  • This was so unexpected, they've changed up the formula just enough that I was fully back in. I haven't played a Call of Duty game for a while for any good length. This one made me want to prestige and work my way to prestige again, I'm eager to see what else they may bring to this game.

  • If you asked me about this game 20 hours in, I'd say it's amazing and it would be impossible to be the top of the list this year. But Around chapter 4/5 this game started to grate on me and the story felt predictable and the forced ways it tried to stylise in the way Arthur moves and some of the mechanics just hit me the wrong way. Eventually I was making a B line to finish this game and I will say they finished Arthurs story well.

  • Okay, I only actually played the Beta of this but boy this will have to improve a lot for me to come back to it.

  • Played on release with Origin Premiere as I was still unsure if it would be worth while. For the first week it was a nice change from BF1 which I couldn't get along with and this felt really good and nailing shots at range with a real good feeling.

    But questionably I haven't bought it outright especially since all the daft stuff they have done in regard to changes.

  • Some nice new features put into this, more of the same though which ultimately isn't a bad thing as I dug Hitman 2016. I would say the maps don't hold their weight as the previous with this best in my opinion being Miami and the rest being forgettable.

  • Love the mechanics of this game and the characters and the idea around the world, but was very short lived and I felt like the only way to get past some difficulty spikes was to cheese it.

  • I was hesitant on this game for a short time, purely because I appreciate what Faster Than Light was doing but I never spent any real time with it as I was tad frustrated by the random BS that could potentially happen in this game.

    Into The Breach is challenging, fair and a real tense game to play. When you have to choose taking the hit or losing a building which could have a vital upgrade to one of you mechs it can be minutes of thinking and trying to see what moves you can do to prevent it, alas a lot of the time there's nothing. SUCK IT UP.

  • This is a beautiful game that tells you a tale in a mismatched order with vital information you have to put together as a insurance claim I guess right? And boy it goes places.

  • To people who said this would never come out, HA! It did.

    Exactly what I expected it to be, runs really good on the PC and man the physics is great.

  • Recently started, seems good.

  • Overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to do in this, seems neat though.