Saturday Night Camp Out

It's 10:30pm here in cozy New England and the whole area is bracing for the large monster hurricane 'Irene' to come barging in. By the time it actually reaches us it will be downgraded to a tropical storm and be hardly worth any notice. Yes it still will bring rain and wind some of which may be a bit destructive, but not exciting. Not when two or three days ago everyone was talking category two. Regardless, because of the storm there is nothing to do on a Saturday night except watch our beloved New England Patriots get demolished in a preseason game by the Detroit Lions. Truth be told, if the preseason can give you ANY kind of glimpse into a teams progression (it is very arguable) then Detroit is a good head and shoulders above where they were last year, and in their fairly soft division could be a real contender. They have come a LONG way from their 0-16 season... what... two or three years ago?? Kudos to them. The Patriots however, look just dismal. Very sad considering such a strong showing against a sad looking Tampa Bay team. If the season were starting next week, I'd be afraid. 
So besides watch the Patriots get destroyed what else am I doing with my free time? I'm currently downloading Power Stone on my PSP, I used to love the game on Dreamcast (a friend of mine owned it and it was a crowd favorite of ours) so I am looking forward to that. It only took me 3 months to get my PSP connected to the PSN. Ever since their giant flub, the PSN has been so unreliable it is a bit maddening. In other news I received Capcom vs. Marval 3 from Gamefly yesterday and am currently going through that. Fighting Games are not usually my favorite. The replay factor for me tends to get old fast, however the fast pace and smoothness of this game is a nice change in my opinion. I especially like the cast of Capcom characters which I am a bit more familiar with than the Marval ones. Obviously I know the big names like Spiderman, Wolverine and what not, but it just makes me so much happier to play as Zero, Arthur and Ryu. I mean, come on!? My current mission is to beat the game with everyone in arcade mode so I can determine which characters I'm the most compatible with, in the past it has always been the quicker, unique type of fighters - which drew me towards stronger female characters or in the Soul Caliber games - Voldo being my ultimate choice throughout all the fighting world. I haven't quite figured out who that is in this game yet, but I'm looking forward to it.