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In the game of basketball toto win 5 lose or baseball toto win 1 lose, which is released in the same way , sometimes a high-ranking hitter of over 1 billion won appears.

Since the number of participants is less than that of Football Toto, the prize pool is also small.

Variable odds products include special games, match games, ranking games, and more.

Especially in special games, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of super dividends often come out and become a hot topic.

When the number of participants is small, there may be cases where there is no single hit.

Fixed Odds (Fixed Odds) product in 2006, prototype was it Bo domestic debut under the name of (proto) proto '.

It is gaining popularity with its easy and simple game method and high hit probability.

The Proto is divided into a game of game predicting the final loss of the match and a record game of predicting the final score.

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