Ode to video games

A poem I read once, I couldnt find the source so I am writing it down from memory. Sorry to whomever originally wrote it, but I like it. So, yeah.  
They say that video games are a waste of time. 
They act as if they are a crime. 
They say that they will rot your brain, 
That six hours a day is insane.

I say that rubbish isn't true. 
How can they be bad for you? 
The strategy they overlook. 
The values which they mistook.

They say there is no variety—
Racing, Platform, Society. 
Have they played them? Usually not. 
Yet they're fast to judge the lot.

They think all games are blood and gore, 
That killing civilians racks up the score. 
Sure for some games that might be true, 
But I say most games are good for you.