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The best set of missions in a GTA game since San Andreas 0

  BoGT gets closer than ever to the exaggerated action of San Andreas – but never goes all the way, which may be a relief to some, a disappointment to others. GTA4’s more focused scope and emphasis was a nice change from San Andreas’ rural sprawl and numerous systems and minigames, but It would’ve been nice to have the final GTA4 expansion really push the limits of open world gameplay. What we have instead are some very fun additions to the vanilla GTA4 formula that feel a bit restraine...

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I only kind of regret the weekend I spent with this. 0

If this game is in your gamefly queue, and you happen to get it instead of something that was higher on the queue, you'll probably not regret spending a weekend getting the points on it.  That's as positive as I can be about X-men Origins: Wolverine. It's certainly better than the peice of shit movie, and better than the licensed game of that movie should be, but lowered expectations aren't the magic ingredient to make a mediocre game a good one.  You play as the perpetually pissed Wolverine in ...

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Simply the best rail shooter ever made. 0

Unfortunately, that claim isn't much unlike saying "The best rail drink ever made". Is it okay to be the best of the pedestrian? Extraction is a "guided experience" meaning you're doing a whole lot of pointing and shooting, with no control over exploration or movement. Within those limitations, the game mostly succeeds. Relentless waves of enemies require careful use of the game's gears of war-like reload system, and, as in the hd big brother game, dismemberment. The often numerous waves of enem...

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Superior technology, flawed fundamentals, but always fun. 0

 Everyone knows how awesome the dynamic destruction is in Red Faction: Guerilla. If you don't know, believe it - this is a technical and design achievement that should be recognized. Making buildings crumble into hundreds of individual pieces never gets old. It's a combination of visuals with believable enough physics, lighting, and modeling, mixed with equally excellent sound design that makes the illusion of destruction work. Structures that are standing but weakened will creak, start breaking...

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You're the best around! 0

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix (hereafter referred to as HDR) is Capcom's revisiting of one of the most balanced, most played, and most long lasting fighting games ever created. Fourteen years of tournament play and 4 previous arcade iterations have lead up to this latest version of the original SF2. That's a lot of testing, balancing, and fireballs. Capcom has succeeded in their goal to make every match up in the game more fair, more interesting, and more likely to be won or lost on the ...

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More Roger Moore than Sean Connery 0

I've always believed that the Hitman games provided a solid blueprint for a rejuvenation of the James Bond franchise in games. Tone down the violence a bit, make it more espionage-like, and add Russians, and and the Hitman series is practically James Bond. However, Activision owns the James Bond license, and Call of Duty outsells the Hitman series. Thus, we have Quantum of Solace, a first person shooting game that really does little to embrace Bond's style. The actors from the movies provide th...

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Techland's western shooter is arguably the best western game yet. 4

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is the story of Ray, Thomas, and William, who desert the Confederate army, seek ancient Aztec gold, and clash over a woman. They travel from lush southern fields and plantations to arid southwestern plains, creating a subtle, but effective variety of scenery. And what scenery it is - the game's settings are frequently stunning, showcasing wide open vistas, thick evergreen forests, and detailed (if sparsely populated) towns.   The story is another strong point in t...

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