The Awesome Crazy of Video Games

The wonderful world of video games has got its own healthy share of wierd quirks and agreed upon standards like any other business/craft. Some of these traditions have a very special place in the hearts of many video game players either from early childhood memories (the joys of recognition, maybe?) or maybe just an appreciation that the sheer crazy it takes to do this most often is only ever seen in video games.

List items

  • How? What makes this..? Who in their right mind did not have the most basic knowledge of physics education to first think "I´ll just make the player jump from midair". Whoever he/she was: I love you! :D

  • As a PC player mainly, I haven´t been exposed to these kinds of concepts much until very recently. My appreciation of this is not what the concept does. To start the game from start with the "progression" you have already made to let you sort muck about after you have already beaten the game is a great idea and seems a reasonable concept in its own right. The crazy I enjoy about it is the name. New Game Plus! Whu? What kind of nut came up with that? Granted I am unable to think of a better name myself but it still smells like "all your base are belong to us" to me. :p

  • Not the object but the fact almost every single game character in the world able to move is running 100% of the time. I get it, the player is impatient and wants to get to where he wants to go faster so the characters has to move as a running pace to let the player feel he is not wasting his time "walking". The practical upshot of this though, is that like infants, player characters who needs to move just 1 meter/yard in a twitchy adjustment of positioning is STILL moving that 1-2 yards in a frantic running pace. Most obvious is in MMO games where every other character´s sprinty movement makes the game look like it is populated by 100% infants (the characters, not the players).

  • Whoever first thought "hey we need to be able to restore the player´s life. I know, he can pick up food" is a genious! Only in video games can you truly appreciate the healing properties of an apple found on a city street curb!

  • Instead of health, let´s use number of tries and let the player be able to recieve extra tries. The fun part to this isn´t the lives and the extra life powerups (though powerups found floating in the gameworld ARE crazy) but designator itself: 1UP

  • While the ability to perform melee combat is not at all ridiculous, the fact that due to balancing risk/reward, characters in many if not most games somehow has a significantly higher chance of sucumbing to a single melee attack than several shotgun shots to the face.

  • Hey, check it out guys! I killed this swarm of mosquitoes with my dagger and a full set of plate armor dropped off it!

  • The hero can blast through armies on his own but a single, locked door often proves the most annoying and timeconsuming barrier, somehow managing to be impenetrable to the player´s rocketlauncher or mininuke.

    If I was a villain in a videogame, the frist - and only - thing I would have to do to win over the hero would be to LOCK THE DOOR and keep the coloured keycard (or whatever it might be) for myself :p

  • In the real world, ladders are an easy to use tool for quickly climbing up or down vertical surfaces. Funnily enough, in all first person games, the ladder quickly turns into the single most dangerous obstacle because of both our reduced sense of spatial awareness and the game´s ability to (or lack thereof) make me hold onto the ladders, makes falling to my death something I spent alot of time doing in the late 90es/early 2000s FPS games :p