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Wasn't there already a Star Wars Bounty Hunter game? Or am I just remembering a generic sci fi bounty hunting game?

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I saw the story the other day on Kotaku, and hoped that this exact thing would not happen. God dammit Internet.

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To anyone who thinks that Giantbomb is going to "sell out", remember what lead to the creation of this site in the first place. The guys have shown themselves to keep their credibility and to stick to their guns in the past, and I am not doubting them one bit now.

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@Lind_L_Taylor: To be honest. I only saw a few haters. There are more complaints when Alex Navarro makes a news post. Don't know where the hate for Patrick comes from, he seems less biased in his opinions than Alex to me.

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@Matoyak said:

@RVonE: Yeah, I'm a new user here (got a paid membership all of a week or two ago)...was hoping to have found a good community of gamers to talk to. I seem to have instead found a bunch of rather decent guys surrounded by a much larger group of dicks who's sole purpose is to tear into interns and Patrick. And if they disagree with something he says, Brad as well. I'm quickly beginning to get the idea that maybe, just maybe, I need to treat this like YouTube and avoid the comments like the fucking plague. :-/

That's kind of the internet in general. The larger the userbase of a site, the more assholes will come out of thee woodwork to be assholes. That said, people are welcome to their own opinions and to helpfully criticize an issue they have with the site, especially if they paid for a membership. In short, people are jerks (as per GIFT), but there are decent people out there with valid criticisms or who are satisfied with the site, just they get drowned out by the jerks sometimes.

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@DarkGamerOO7 said:

I would like to add that I am insulted by the way the Video Game Awards present video games and those who play them to general public. Perhaps the worst aspect of the Video Game Awards is instead of showing video games in a way that progresses them as a legitimate art form, or legitimate form of entertainment they instead perpetuate the very stereotypes the video game industry and those who actively play them have been trying to rid themselves of since their conception. The Video Game Awards make video games out to be nothing more gratuitous violence, sex, drugs, and everything but a legitimate art, and it paints those who play them as obnoxious, profane, and immature males. I don't care how many years ago it was, opening the "Oscars of video game awards show" woman saying "I just want to rip all my cloths off" presents video games wrongly to the general public, insulting to those who create, develop, publish, and enjoy games, and has nothing to do with video game culture or advancing the medium.

Agree wholeheartedly. But there are people who enjoy games for the big, dumb, loud spectacle of it, much the same as movies, and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem comes that it isn't conveyed in a way that is accessible to main stream audiences so they realize its a joke and doesn't insult the people who make or play the games at the same time. Perhaps the way to improve the show is to just pick an audience and stick with it. Right now, it is insulting to gamers and terribly unfunny for mainstream audiences.

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@RileyCola: So far I haven't seen a way to rename my weapons after enchanting them. Possibly they are also referring to the fact that upgrading two one handed weapons of the same type (i.e. two glass daggers), makes it impossible to dual wield them.

@KillyDarko said:

What about fixing broken quests...? :(

THIS. Texture bug and this > others. I can handle fewer dragon attacks and souls, since I'm not running out of the latter and they tend to interrupt the flow of the game (turning in a quest when a dragon attacks, forcing conversations to end and possibly killing quest npcs).

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For example, if I have glass gauntlets that increase bow damage by 38%, and a pair of rings that increase bow damage by 20%, do the effects stack and thus I do 58% more bow damage? Or does it only take the highest value?

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@atomic_dumpling said:

@FunExplosions said:
@NinjaHunter said:

@Poppduder said:

OK, but why would you WANT to do that? - Ian

Well, I'm level 51 or 52 and at the point where I'm just starting to level up skills in very tedious ways, like leveling up my block skill by finding weak enemies and just let them smack my shield for a couple hours.

My blocking and armor is good enough that I actually heal faster than I take damage from blocking.
Oh man, the endless hours I spent hopping around to increase Acrobatics in both Morrowind and Oblivion. Good times. - Chris

Haha. Morrowind veteran here. Hopping and toggling run on by default. Remember having to sleep in a bed in order to level your stats too? Not going to miss either of those things.

On topic: Exploit looks for a character to just run around doing whatever without a care in the world.

- the Talking Mudcrab

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184. People in Skyrim love caves. Bandits and necromancers love to live in them, everyone else loves to send the Dragonborn into one.

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