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Note: It was me who deleted the topic on the bottom. Had to fix the title.

Hey guys,

As you know, at the end of the demo, FaceBreaker will delete all your created boxers, with the exception of Peter Moore and Kim Kardashian. You might be sad you may never see them again until September 5th if you uploaded your boxers. Yeah, you want to download them to play with it all over again, but they blacked out the download feature.

Never fear this long time waiting for your boxers, though. I have found a way to actually "download" your boxers back into the game. You can't actually download anybody else's boxers yet, but for now, you can keep yours.

What you need to do is first, upload 42 boxers into EA Sports World. After, upload one more, and it will tell you that you have reached your maximum limit. They will then allow you to delete a boxer. This "deleting" a boxer, though, will allow you to select your boxer and download it to your game.

Once you select a boxer, highlight then press the A button for 360 users to download. The boxer will download onto your game if you have slots available. After you do this, continue and you may have to cancel (I did this, dunno what will happen after). Repeat the steps to download the boxers you want.

I have already tried this once with my Jay Leno boxer and it has worked to perfection.Have fun with this "glitch".

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Its actually not that bad of a demo... create a boxer is fun (I've spent hours using it).

They could have possibly at least let the match go to 3 knockouts without have the 90 sec demo time limit for each match. Yeah, it might get repetitive, but it wasn't that bad... tell you the truth, the create-a-boxer saved the demo for me.