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Best of 2009

squidracerX: Best of 2009

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  • Only game I played through and beat twice!

  • All the hype is dead on, best overall game out there, but i like super heroes best so infamous beat it for me..... but that's personal, uncharted may actually be the better game!

  • This is the only co-op game i really play, I hate most online games (especially competitive modes), I loved the first one, and was on the "this should have been an expansion pack" bandwagon... and I am still on there! I like this "sequel" a lot but it could have made the original left 4 dead arguably the best game EVER. As it stands alone it is still good fun, but I am not looking forward to left 4 dead 3.......

  • I am the biggest DC fan I know personally, (there are bigger geeks than me out there, but I don't cosplay, and none of my friends are into comics that much). Ive got multiple batman figures and statues facing me right now, my first action figure ever was Green Lantern Super Powers back in 1984, quickly followed by the Batman figure on the way to my aunts house, (and they had to fight each other since i didn't have any other figures)....... I was raised on this stuff. My pop has all the Marvel #1s and first appearances, and most of the silver age DC first appearances as well. And Ive continued into the modern age... But I while I will disagree that there has never been a good batman game (the snes animated batman game was god), it is borderline retarded that game makers have pre-made heroes, art, abilities, and plots: and they have never made a perfect superman, green lantern, captain america, x-men, or up until now batman game.... This game was awesome and I hope every hero gets this treatment, just skip spiderman and wolverine for a while, i am getting sick to death of them!!!!!

  • Probably the game Ive played the most of time wise. Lots to improve upon. But the loot, the style is great. Kept me coming back. Could be a golden game someday. Fun DLC.

  • Ive been a fan since killzone 1, (multiplayer games need bots like that guys!), and do not understand all the haters out there from all those years ago.

    Now they make the best looking FPS ever and lived up to their early trailer release that got so much skepticism, way to go guys!

  • I haven't played Dragon Age (until the GOTY edition comes out), so I am lacking in RPGs this year, i loved Demons Souls, but i am a "for fun" gamer, and this game is HARD. So it falls down the list a bit even though RPG is my favorite category. Totally worth buying, and had some great new ideas behind it. I just think Dragon Age could have been ahead of it, but again, I didn't play that yet. (And I did cheat my way through this game which made me like it more).

  • I don't even care about diablo 3 anymore. This scratched my itch! Plus I always put cost of a game up verses my enjoyment of a game, and this was only $20!!!! A game of the year award is really a recommendation from me to you to go buy these 10 games, and again at this price it is one of the best values out there, (and i got it on steam for only $10! CRAZY!)

    plus your dog can cast spells.

  • The first AC was a great game with a TON of flaws, but I beat it, and enjoyed it. So I was excited by this one coming out. I will admit this is the one game on my top ten list of the year that I HAVENT PLAYED! OOPS! But I loved the first and have heard nothing except "this is better than the first" from anyone... so from what Ive read, and other people giving it runner up for the game of the year... I am going to go out on a limb and say I'd like to own and play this game right now! If i wasn't poor i'd buy it now.

  • The only game besides House of the Dead Overkill I played on Wii this year and really liked. Actually the funny thing is the GAME was awesome, the Wii CONTROLS sucked... So if this was a ps2 game, or a downloadable next gen game with a real controller I would have put it up at maybe my 5 spot, but the controls... oh I hate the Wii controls... supposed to be user friendly but are usually HARDER than regular.... so this kinda ties with House of the Dead for my number 10 spot, actually Dead Space looks like it would be here too. And Demon Blade...

    Heck the number 10 is dedicated to all the Wii games I "liked" this year how about that. Not just Mad World, but this is one I really wish would be released on another console. Oh actually i wish Demon Blade would be too... So yeah, F#@& the Wii...... Bring the good games out on something else please!