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Best of 2010!!

WEAK YEAR compared to 2009 in my opinion.... Games like Gran Turismo were a let down, Donkey Kong was weak sauce, Metroid looked only "okay", even Fable sounded pretty bad... The whole Medal of Honor - Bad Company - Call of Duty "modern solider" genre seemed to carry the year, and i am not a fan of those games. And Star Craft 2 is just not a powerhouse in my book like it is to many others, and Im not into World of Warcraft so the PC didn't offer me much. (I cant play Civ 5 on my machine, but that is kind of a strike against that game for me, although Im sure Id love it!)

I think the fact that many of the game of the year lists we will see will have downloadable games like Limbo, Pac man, Super Meat Boy, etc.. on them. That does mean downloadable games are getting better for sure, but it also shows how weak the boxed games were as well. There were so many disappointments and "not as good as the first one" sequels this year.

List items

  • Just really hooked me, i didn't play anything else until it was over, and i tried to do everything I could in the game. Even played online with a buddy which is rare for me. Wish it had co-op for the storyline, but other than that no complaints!

  • Not a very deep or hard game, but the little big planet feel, ... it was just so cute!

    And its not often such a good kids game comes out.

  • Showcase of what a beautiful next gen game should look like, and oddly people said it wasn't as good as past GoW games, yet it was the first i really actually liked (like Metal Gear Solid 4 did for me in that franchise). I did not really like 1 or 2, did not really play them, so maybe this seemed more"fresh" to me?

  • Kind of a cheat, I played this game a few years later -- and the impact was kind of lost. But great game!!

  • Artsy noir category, I had a lot of fun with this game, and i want to see more creative games like this made. All PS3 owners should buy this game. I'd really like to try the Move support as well!

  • This could have been game of the year... But motion controls. I HATE WII MOTION CONTROLS. The Wii is my least favorite system because of this. So many games could be so good. Like Kirby didn't use the stupid motion controls. So i will never beat this game, i hate playing it. But that's the consoles fault not the game's fault...

  • PS3/Xbox version of Zelda? Yes Please!

  • Not too many RPGS out there and i am a huge RPG fan. Ive played White Knight Chronicles and that was okay, Borderlands is kind of an RPG and i loved that, modern Final Fantasy is a joke. This game was okay compared to those others and slipped i under the radar. Never really heard anyone talk about it, but again, it scratched that RPG itch for me, glad I bought it, I was curious about the Japanese PS3 exclusive version of the game, how different was it?

  • I love wacky Japanese games, and i want to love Devil May Cry (but never have), this filled that void, it was a wacky brawler and it hit the spot (on easy!)

  • I have to give the last spot to someone right? But it was tough, almost put Pac Man DX (not enough content there to beat a full fledged box game),.