Best of 2018!

Another really solid year!!! Almost too many games to play. Again, cant do just a top 10.

List items

  • I have tried a few monster hunters. I did not like them .i wanted to - they had everything I like. i was just too intimidated. But man, I got into this. I thought about it while at work. I talked about it with whomever would listen. I actually played multiplayer with strangers - and besides Splatoon - I dont do that. I felt like a bad ass hunter - and unlike some games where other people make you feel bad for not having the best gear etc... this game allowed you enough options (like fighting lower level guys or just wandering), every time I completed a suit i felt great. Constant updates, new monster, special events, almost made it feel MMO but it wasn't. You can single player if you want, but having an experienced guide is most fun. Probably put 150 hours in?

  • This is probably the best game by the numbers -- but Monster Hunter had me hooked. Monster Hunter had flaws, where I basically don't think this did. It did for God of War what Breath of the Wild did last year for Zelda.

  • Spider-man can do what no one else can. Best super hero game since those Batman games or Infamous... Not as big an impact on me as those games, but i was in the mood for an Infamous type game. Quality title.

  • Maybe considered a 2017 game... But kind of like destiny 2 expansions fixed the base game, Splatoon came into its own with the Octo Expansion! (2018). it really remade the game what it should have been. I bet Destiny expansions count for the year they come out right? Moved it from the bottom of last year's list to the top of this one! My niece has probably put in 300 hours?

    One of the few Multiplayer games i like. And its one of the few things that justified owning a Switch yet.

    We spent all the money on the Amiibos for this. Its got to tell you something! :)

    The pay to play online service this year made this game worse (actually got worse server issues, still no voice chat). but thats not Splatoon's fault, its Nintendo's service.

  • This game is the game that made me buy a PSVR! If I could only pick 5 games Id have to pick this as one of them because it sold me a peripheral. More VR games need to pay attention to this. Also CUTE AS HECK!

  • Red Dead is great. But for the AAA+ game it is - it falls a bit flat. I platinumed the first game, I loved it, top ten games of all time maybe? But this didn't get me as excited as that one.

    Still great, but this year was Red Dead's to steal and ride into the sunset, and its great ,but not game of the year.

    Had a lot of slow parts, and the controls just haven't gotten better. I like it (its in my top 10!), but its not my game of the year like 99% of people out there; if I could only buy 5 games this year, it might not make it...

  • A great RPG! I love Dragon Quest so much... I think overall now I like it better than the FF series. (I haven't like a FF game in a few console generations since FF6 or so; DQ8 is maybe my favorite RPG of all time).

  • Great RPG and a great art style. Really enjoyed it. Have to go back and play the first!

  • I really like the whole Yakuza series, but its getting to be a lot of Yakuza.... I think my Yakuza burn out level may push this game down a personal preference list, but as a game its basically the best there has ever been. So I feel it needs to be in the top 10.

  • I thought this was neat, I know its not for everyone. But I love games like Vampire the Masquerade. Setting and story usually beat game-play for me - and that is what happened here.

  • I love the Hitman formula, always have. My only issue with this is all the paid DLC and expansions. Wish it just all came as the gold edition from day 1. I didn't get gold edition, now I kind of regret it?

  • It got a lot of crap, but I liked it. Played solo and multiplayer. The bad guy wins at the end! And it transitions nicely into New Dawn.

  • One of the best games ever made, but made to look better. Does it count as a game of the year since it already was a game of the year back in the day? i mean it was on ps3 as well... But yeah, pick it up especially if you never played it before!!

  • This game would be in my top 10 - BUT I dont know if remakes count? Now it is a remade game ,and its all 3. but it is older games that were basically made and scripted already. So its on my list, very fun to play, great old school feel, but they fixed the old school jank!

  • I liked Shadow of the Colossus and Spyro better than this. But this is a new game. So I feel it needs its due. From the maker of Harvest Moon, it really takes a lot of that away from you. A lot of exploring and fetch questing for ingredients. Plus you run the cafe with wacky characters stopping by. it doesn't do any one aspect super well. but the fun art style, low bar to entry, and charm make it a great kids game. Fans of Story of Seasons and Harvest Moon style games will like it. i wish it had a little more, but found it relaxing as hell.

    Half way through i am getting bored...