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Best of 2019!

Well, my favorite at least :)

This is such a great year, maybe not a lot of my "games of all time", but there is a lot of like great "B Level" or "B Tier" games here. Very satisfied! So many close calls i cant just do 10, no way.

Some big games that got left off - Pokemon is garbage for what it is at $60 - for the first console release at least - its just ugly; its a 3DS game. The new Star Wars is cool, but too Dark Souls for me to be top 20, but I will get it on $20 sale someday. Seikuro looks great, but again its so Dark Souls its just not for me. Resident Evil 2 is probably game of the year - I bought it but too scary, (im a pussy when it comes to horror games!). And Death Stranding - Ill admit I did not play, but it just looks boring (and I hear the story is not that great). Ill try it out as well, but I know its not a top 20 for me.

But yeah, beyond this top 20 there are still some great games! I only got Wreckfest this year, but since it was PC last year it cant cont (or it would be on here!). But games like Toejam and Earl, Gears 5, Metro 3, Crackdown 3, Days Gone, etc i had lots of fun with.

List items

  • One of my favorite movies of all time is "Navigator - A Medieval Odyssey" - and another is "the Seventh Seal"; this scratches that itch. Medieval history major here, horror fan, a great sibling empathy tale. i love it. Its b-Tier game, but it does what it set out to do. By the end it may have some repetitive parts - but what game doesn't?

  • I like fun, weird, cute, whimsical. This game is just different enough, and more "Nintendo" than most other Nintendo games coming out lately. Im a rare breed who will stand up and say I'm disappointed with the Switch library so far and dont think it deserves the sales or the praise its had -- but this game is great! System seller to me!

    I am not sold on all of the modes of this games -- i always like the Luigi's Mansion games, they arent perfect games. But the core is something special.

  • Such a cute game! And unique. I think it will be over looked and not on anyone else's list, but when you get that paint on the wall it just looks stunning. Its also easy, but not too easy. And it uses the motion controls beautifully and adds in bonus VR (which isn't great but its totally extra). For $30 this game is a damn good deal. I love the doodles too, reminds me of some old PS2 games where you got to draw characters. Love the aesthetic!

  • I'll admit I haven't actually played this one -- but that being said i think it might actually be number 1. This game is my kind of old school RPG. Dialog over combat. Ive watched many Quicklooks and 'lets plays'. I think Abbey did a TERRIBLE Quicklook of this game. I'm torn, i want to play this NOW but i dont really play my PC, so i want it on console but its not even announced there yet...

  • This is the Castlevania you've been waiting for in everything but name. And that named Castlevania will never happen. so we have this! -- The Switch version has been patched by the time Game of the Year has hit -- but its still the worst, and it was a crime how BAD that version was for so long -- so this is NOT for the Switch version, I would almost take this game off the top 20 altogether because of that version... this is PS4 where I played it.

    But yeah, I'm happy this style of Castlevania made it to consoles, with so many other Metroid-Vania clones, its felt good!

  • Enjoyed this a lot, really weird, felt like a great "video game" if that makes sense. i will admit the plot kind of lost me, but that felt okay.

  • Its a 3D Fallout, better in many ways, and different in some. Its not anything substantially new, and it can be cheesy in parts - not as buggy as the Fallout games have been. Especially being on GamePass (so feeling "free"), this is hands down better than Gears or Crackdown on the same service this year! Its on PS4, but Microsoft bought the studio - so its Xbox going forward! A sequel with that Microsoft budget could be so good!

  • Man oh man, this outsold Links Awakening on its first month digitally. It may have been over hyped, and for some reason the Giant Bomb crew didn't love it (they thought it was too hard? Newbs!). But My 10 year old niece, 3 year old nephew and me are having a HOOT playing it (HONK?). Pokemon and Animal Crossing got her into gaming - I think Goose Game and Animal Crossing will get him into games :)

    Again, its cheap, and just good fun. these cheaper games give me more value than the $60 games all day long!

  • Pretty high on my list -- and its long enough to really play for a while! Only thing not making it higher on the list is that it is a pretty direct sequel, more of an improvement over the first than a brand new game. And the dialog. Wow they make you sit through a lot... i wish i could have consulted on this game for them before release.

    But lots of fun, and if you are into Dragon Quest its that much better.

  • Its Far Cry, its more Far Cry, very small differences, but it was like $20 on sale right away, its a fun co-op game, and was a good ending for Far Cry 5, (made Far Cry 5 way cooler! The bad guy was kinda right!!) But spoiler he has you kill him at the end because he wasn't a god.....

    Some might complaint that it was almost just DLC. But i think going to the same spots as the first one (5) and seeing how the environment or characters changed (a sniper from 5 is blind in this game) is so freaking cool. I think its not as good if you didn't beat 5 - so play that 100% first. But seeing how the world changed is a lot of fun.

  • This game is so cute and clever, I wish I had made it!

    I love that games like this, and ToeJam and Earl are just as good as big budget games like Gears 5.

  • Man PSVR is under rated. Im in a small room, not set up correctly at all. And i get motion sick. And Im havign a freaking blast with my PSVR when I get it out. it IS TO HARD TO SET UP constantly, and not able to stay set up in my TV stand. So that sucks. But I got the VR out for this and man this game was a heck of a lot of fun in VR!!! If it was a regular controller game forget it, lame. But VR made it so fun ha-ha

  • Its very Yakuza. But its great for anyone who hasn't played Yakuza. Getting into Yakuza you feel like you have 7 games to tackle already. This is stand alone. Lots of fun. Would be higher on its own for sure, but its so much like Yakuza, it kind of feels "familiar" already.

  • Had a lot of fun with this, kind of a "shut off you mind, waste time, listen to podcast" type of game .But Ive put in many hours!

  • I bought the Japanese version to get it on disc! Some of the new art (or I guess seeing the art blown up) is odd looking, but the game is so fun.

    Id put this higher, and it is a remake (new art), but i feel like collections and remakes kind of cant place high on a "best of list", why would you do a collection or remake unless the game was already good right!?

    And this didn't add as much as say Resident Evil 2 remake.

  • Cat Quest 1 was in my top 10 when it came out, and this is just as good. Adds a little, so its still great, but it doesn't add enough to warrant a top 10 again. Still love it.

  • This was not as good as Bloodstained in my eyes but it was a lot of fun, the right length, had some interesting mechanics, and boy the character design blew Bloodstained out of the water. i'd play them both if you like this style of game!

  • River City Ransom is one of my all time favorite games - this is a great child of that series. its fun that it brings in the girls. it isn't anything out of left field, but its great! Co-op, cheap, and fun!

  • This is basically a better top down GTA 1+2. Like Untitled Goose Game, its simple enough that Fox has been playign with me (taught a 3 year old to fight the police... oops!). But yeah, not reinventing anything, but its been 20 years and no one else really did it as well. Kind of broken, but fun.

  • Looks great, i am waiting for the Switch version (or consoles) its on the Apple Play program now, almost made me sign up just to play it!!!

  • I like it, but the art style didn't grab me like it did others -- and its a pretty 1 to 1 remake of the original which i own and beat. So at $60 (!) Im very disappointed actually. Im not sure what pill everyone swallowed that all they want is remakes on the Switch, I paid $300+ bucks to get some new games myself, i think all of you are diseased dummies for liking all these ports. i have a Wii U, i want new games. They could have EASILY made this a new game, maybe even have had Zelda as the main character! Lost opportunity, fun game, okay art style, hate the cut and paste look though, (same tree over and over); if you never played the original - pick it up if it hits $40.

  • Its bad, But its Cthulhu. So its still fun. And not a lot comes out in this genre. By the Sherlock Holmes games people, and it feels it. Kind of that B-Tier game you love to play :)