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Use [Sync] Your PS4 Dualshock Controller On Your PS3 via @YouTube

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Featuring Sony owned, AND Playstation exclusive characters, here is the make of my Sony Playstation Kart Racer:



Bloodborne Hunter

Tearaway Paper Person

Ape Escape Ape

Tomba! (3rd party but exclusive)



Patapon racer

LocoRoco racer

Sly Cooper

Bentley the Turtle (Sly Cooper)

Murray (Sly Cooper)

Moss (Mouse!)



Captain Qwark (Ratchet and Clank)

Rau (Mark of Kri)



Brave Fencer Musashi

Cat (Gravity Rush)


Jumping Flash

Helghast (Killzone)

Horned Boy (Ico)

Kratos and Atreus (God of War)

Dark Cloud kid

Modnation Racer Mascot

Everybody Golf (Girl Golfer)

Nariko (Heavenly Sword)

Echochrome guy

Cole or Fetch (Infamous)

Scarf Kid (Journey)

Eyepet (the cute monkey thing)

Nathan Drake (Uncharted)

Twisted Metal’s Sweet Tooth

MediEvil’s Sir Daniel Fortesque

Teddy (Persona 4)

Ellie (Last of Us)


Wipeout Level (Obviously)

Incredible Crisis level (Ska music and BONKERS)

Tearway Level (Paper squirrels... Use touch pad in weird ways)

Little Big Planet (very cute and fun level using LBP art assets, different surface textures to drive on)

Locoroco (oddly set up, go loop da loop, blob creatures to run over and slow you down - those songs!)

Parappa (same art style, concert going on, maybe button combos on track?)

Uncharted (hidden passages galore, golden idols)

Infamous (I think Neon Power could do some cool stuff here)

Siren (creepy zombie mine cart level)

Demon Souls (dungeon level, messages on ground or ghost racers)

Mr Mosquito (objects in world are big so you seem tiny, lady bathing!)

Shadow of the Colossus (race on a Colossus)

Yakuza (Streets of Japan, karaoke!)

Until Dawn (Could be 'Rush of Blood' kind of track)

Afrika (Safari and African animals)

Noby Noby Boy (Nobi’s crazy art style, set pieces knocked loose like in game)

Motor Storm (Fan favorite track from original game)

Horizon Zero Dawn (Robot dinos on track)

God of War (Gods and Titans smashing stuff up)

Hohokum Level

3D Dot Game Heores (all square pixels)

Ni No Kuni (Cartoon level - that art style!)

Persona 5 (Stealing something/cool soundtrack)

Ghost of Tsushima (Driving though those leaves...)

Unfinished Swan (Cool level that only shows if you drive over it)

Last Guardian (Trico doing some Trico stuff!)

The only real criteria to be in my kart game is that the characters/levels in this game are either Sony owned, Sony exclusive, Sony licensed, or heavily Sony associated (what we would call a mascot).

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