One Hour In -- Episode #3

Welcome once again to the show that never ends! I mean -- well it does end, after about an hour or so. So, I guess I was just leading you on with that opening line. I apologize for that. I also must apologize for misleading you in my last entry. I said I'd have the first hours for two games done for this time. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to pry Bulletstorm out of my 360 to get Dragon Age 2 in there! So, looks like I'll only be having Okamiden's starting hour up this time. I'll try and see if I can barrel through hour one of DA2 either tonight or tomorrow and maybe get that up too! So, for now, please enjoy my rundown of the opening hour of Okamiden!


Chibiterasu -- D'awww! Lookit the cute puppy!
Chibiterasu -- D'awww! Lookit the cute puppy!
First off, did you play Okami? I did! It seems like I was one of about 27 people on the planet who did when it originally came out on PS2. That number skyrocketed to 31 when it was re-made for Wii! Well, if you have played it, good for you. If you haven't, for shame! I demand you go find a copy; new, used, stol -- uh, "borrowed", it doesn't matter. Now, have your copy? Good. Play it. Go ahead. I'll wait.
Finished yet? Not quite? Okay, tell me when...
All done? Good job! Fell better now? Okay, now we can talk about Okamiden!
So, here we go. The direct sequel to good ol' Okami, looks like things are going to be pretty straight forward. Starting off, a cinematic, outlining the events leading up to and through the original game. Okay, yeah, I knew all that. But, it's always good to recap. The cinematic ends, and here we find little Issun, the tiny bug-man-artist-Celestial Envoy doing his best to remind the people of Nippon of Ammy's good deeds 9 months earlier. Seems, according to him, that if the people forget about the gods, then they lose their power! So, he's doing his best to keep the folks mindful. But, as he's doing his job, the sky turns dark, and a pair of demons appear out of nowhere! Issun is quite flustered, thinking these creatures were banished by the Great Goddess Ameterasu! But, a small puppy, who's uncanny resemblance to Ammy is unmistakable shows up. Issun gives some pointers on battle, and I handily dispatch the pair of baddies. Issun surmises that this pup must be the offspring of Ameterasu. Knowing this, he suggests that Chibiterasu try to use his Celestial Brush powers to restore the sun to the sky. Just like in the original game, I paint a circle in the sky, and the sun reappears, banishing the clouds that had rolled in. This done, Issun suggests that we find and speak to Miss Sakuya, and figure out where this new evil may have come from.
Heading out of the small starting area, we trek a short way to Kamiki Village, home to Susano the warrior who helped Ammy defeat Orochi. I stop to talk to the few villagers along the way, finding out that they can't see the red markings on Chibi, only viewing him as a normal white dog. The same thing happened to him mom, too! Issun and Chibi make it to the Konohana Tree, where Miss Sakuya resides. She mistakes Chibi for his mom initially, but Issun corrects the mistake. As she's about to explain the situation, the sky darkens and a bolt of lightning splits the tree! Issun tries to use his own brush to repair the damage, as he'd seem Ammy do numerous times, but it fails! Fortunately, Chibi shortly gains the Power of Restoration, and I quickly outlines the tree with the Brush, restoring it's trunk. Getting it to re-bloom will be another matter.
Unfortunately, it looks like Issun won't be able to accompany Chibi on his journey, so we need to find him a new partner. We head out to Shinshu Field, but it looks like the place is being overrun with evil! We turn back, deciding to find Chibi's partner in Kamiki. But, what's this? Everyone has been turned to stone! Issun suggests we head to the highest point in the village, to get the sun to shine. I do so, and it seems to turn all the people back to flesh. But, another encounter with demons! I take care of them easily.
Uh oh, looks like Susano has blacked off the exit from the village with a boulder. There's no leaving, so we've got so searching to do. Chibi turns back, and encounters Kuni, Susano's son. He's just as clueless as his dad. He agrees (somewhat reluctantly) to find a crying girl's stolen mirror that was taken by the demons in the fields. Stragely, he can see Chibi's red markings, meaning maybe he's the right guy to take the job of Chibiterasu's partner! Issun bids the duo goobye, and our new pair head out to Kuni's hidden "training ground" - The Cave of Nagi.
As my hour wound down, I found myself thinking, "I know what I'm getting into." Okamiden is giving me the same sort of vibes I got from it's predecessor. Which is fine by me. The biggest problem I think I'm going to have with it is controlling Chibi in the full polygonal world with a D-pad. I've not wanted to do that since the first Tomb Raider! Oh well, I'll get used to it, I'm sure.
So, there you go. Again, forgiveness please for my lack of DA2. I just got busy and could only get Okamiden in. If it so happens that I can do my hour of Dragon Age 2, I'll do another blog entry in the next day or two. Until next time, faithful GB Crew!~