My Top 10 Beards of Video Games

I made another Top 10 list for my podcast, Out of Continues. This time it's Top 10 Beards of video games. The podcast can be found here

My guest host and I discuss my list, as well as he discusses his list. Anyways, here's a summary of my top 10 listed off here, but make to click the link and listen to the discussion for more in-depth discussion.

10. Bear Hugger

9. Dick Marcinko

8. Cranky Kong

7. Abe Lincoln

6. POWs from Metal Slug

5. Chess Master

4. The Green Dwarf dude from Golden Axe

3. Night Elf Mohawk

2. Zangief

1. The Burger King

Anyways, that's my list. Who would make it onto your top 10 beards!?