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My life with Batman


I am really happy about the game. Eidos and Rocksteady actually did a fine job bringing us one of the best comic based, if not the best, video game ever. There was some comments about how this game was not faithful to THE DARK KNIGH and I think they took their chances and nailed. By the time you read this the game has been beaten in its main sotry and I can say that it has a great balance between the dark mood shown in the comics and the "heroic" style of the cartoons. By saturday, I will give you my full impressions about the game in a new review, and this time I will make sure to make it so you can say what you think about it. For now I would like to talk about how I grew up with Batman.

"Yes... Im Batman..."

As for today, Batman is among my favorite superheroes, no matter which media. EIther comics, movies or cartoons I love his modus operandi. He is cool enough to use physical and mental methods to intimidate you and they beat you. He is a genius and has enough gadgets to blow up anything. He is just the hero everyone would like to be.

"I must say... I was never this cool... you know"

My first contact with Batman, was of course, with TV. I had the opportunity to meet Batman with Robin during the first Hanna Barbera cartoons mainly Super Friends, where Batman got all the charasteristics from the TV show starring Adam West. This Batman was good enough to call my attention. I remember expecting weekely the new episodes from the series which showed Batman as a big brain hero with a very simple behaviour... just like any other person. When I learned about the reason for his origin, it got me thinking "He actually took it pretty well..." This "happy" Batman was my only reference, so during the 80s this was Batman to me.

"Batman for the KIDS!! YAY!"

Unfortunately, Hanna Barbera abused of Batman´s name... At some moment he appeard in Scooby-Doo and in some sort of stupid cartoon with two teengers and a dog who believed they were heroes. Thats when I said "Thats too much"... and started to not like the comic "Cartoon Batman"... And no matter what you tell me... Robin was annoying.

"Are you f--- kidding me?"

When I read the comic, I got a little confused. Batman was not this always optimistic guy. He had Robin but he was truly creepy. I said WTF and started to learn more about him. New Batman got me even more attached to it. The true nature of the Batman was the one I expected to see in the Movie that was about to come out by the end of the 80s. I was too young to watch it on cinema so I waited for it to be released on video and it completely hooked me. Thats when my love for both the Joker and Batman really took off, and I learned to live without Robin...

"A wonderful movie... if you let me say so..."

This move and Batman Returns were my personal favorite heroe movie (In that time it was Superman) because and got me into Tim Burton. I liked how MIchael Keaton made that "Im Batman" immortal. Jack Nicholson was able to create the balance between simpathy and madness with The Joker, Michelle Pfeiffer was able to bring the glamour to Catwoman and even if The Penguin was way creepier than the TV (Burgess Meredith was probably my favorite villain back then) he was a fenomenal choice. Batman was already my favorite hero and things could only be better.

"Keep the good work... RIP Burgess"

During 90s, even with my love for Batman, I was more like a Marvel fan. But after that bad decision for cartoons, Warner Bros brought us one of my favorite cartoons ever... Batman: The animated series. This was Batman as everyone who is considered a fan should enjoy. His dark nature along with great shows. Mark Hammil as The Joker was the highlight.

"The lightning was a lucky coincidence" "Only Ledger was creepier than this guy!"

Batman was on the top of the TV time for me, meanwhile, a guy named Joel Schumacher made a big joke of the name Batman in the movies. For everyone who has seen both Batman Forever and Batman & Robin should say that they are the worst movies ever. The movies are not only bad... they are ridiculous: Bring the happy side of Batman to and insult to the fans. Just terrible... But that were the 90s


 "The most stupid thing ever to appear on a Batman Movie. Nuff Said"

My time with video games with Batman was not that big. I only played two games with Batman:



Those were ****cs and very good games. I didnt play any other games because ussually they got bad reviews. I actually made a review from both of them so If you want to check them out, please do it

Batman (NES)


Those were the 90s and I got into a Batman relaxed time. My life changed and I kept watching BATMAN on TV and that new series BATMAN BEYOND which was pretty decent. Suddenly, things started to show off again and Christopher Nolan (who I really knew really well thanks to Memento) was about to bring BATMAN movies back from the grave. I got optimistic when I heard that Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman would be there. But then I remembered that Tomy Lee Jones was casted once upon a time and he became the worst villain ever for a Batman movie (Yes, even worst than Schwarzenneger or Carrey or Thurman, and that is just because he made Two Face look like some sort of combination between The Joker and some hyper active 6 year old kid with a lot of caffeine...). This got my feet in the earth and I just expected BATMAN BEGINS as any other movie.

The movie was fantastic. Nolan brought back a great Batman without the artistic perception that Burton made about it. It was a very urban Batman. Truly well made. Batman was still showing great things and a sequel was on the work. When I heard that Heath Ledger was casted as the Joker... I had my doubts... and how truly wrong I was! He was a great Joker and suddenly THE DARK KNIGHT became the greatest super hero movie ever. (According to IMDB)

After the big success of the movie, a game called ARKHAM ASYLUM was on the work too. Many people got worried that the game might tank since it wouldnt exploit the big name that the movie created. When they described the game, it showed that it had a lot of things that were more attached to the name of Batman: Stealth moves, A great combat system, Gadgets, Puzzles, Mind games... Total Badass Batman. It quickly became one of my more expected games. I must admit that this game looked great but never expected it to be sensational... and it is. And now, I live in the time when Batman reached the best in TV, Movies and Video Games (Comics are a big mistery )

I might not be a truly fan since I dont have too many comics of Batman, but the character is just to big to avoid it. He is just a human who created everything than he is. Thats his true nature and thats why Batman is loved by so many people. ANd... Thats it... What will the future will bring? A third Batman movie with Nolan? A sequel to Arkham asylum? A new TV series along from The Batman? Who knows... I am just so happy to see that such a great name is getting the respect that he deserves. As Gary Oldman on his Jim Gordon character said: "He is a silent guardian, a watchful protector... A Dark Knight"

Dont miss my final review for BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM for next Saturday!

Have a great night!


Darkness... shall rule all


I downloaded Shadow Complex. My initial perception:

What a good game it is. I certainly enjoyed the first couple of hours I have played it (some people said that I already took so long :lol but when the main point of a game is to explore, believe me, I will do it.

The graphics are pretty good considering that it is a XBLA game, and the atmosphere seems so special considering the kind of game this is. I certainly enjoy a game that involves "get this to go there·. Simphony of the Night is a very good example and I liked that game... but never finished it . THis game keep it simple and is extremely fun. There are many things to do and not only one way to kill the enemies. As always, in some cases you can go stealth or just rampage your way shooting.

My only concer so far is that the fact that it is a 2D game in a 3D world, sometimes I have no idea where is possible to climb and the aiming is kind of hard to control. But those are problems that you can live with.

So if you like the kind of game that makes you explore and find out solutions... Or if you enjoyed Metroid or Castlevania post-Symphony games... you won't be dissapointed about this game.

And speaking about atmosphere, exploration and investigation... Batman is close!

So, there will be more darkness... .What a wonderful week to be a gamer! I hope to get my Batman copy by tomorrow and give you my thoughs...


Hello, My name is Stan and I am addict to Fallout 3


Time changes. People changes too. And that change has forced me to say that BIoshock is no longer my all time XBOX 360 favorite. I am not even half of Fallout 3 game and I have fallen in love with it. I just can't play any other games! I have 2 new games in Conan and NFL Head Coach but I have barely touched them since the day I bought them...

I just blew a whole town to pieces with an atomic bomb (Now we all are SOB) and for some reason I loved it... wow! The prize? A room in a cool tower. Sometimes being bad helps. I love the fact that I can do whatever I want in the game, even completely forget the main story and just wander... 30 hours so far and I am not even half done with it! What game gives you that?

On tuesday, I played for about 9 hours... possibly my second longest time playing straight since 1997 with Chrono Triggers 12 hours. And did I make any substantial advance... No! I just destroyed a town! Wow!

Now, I feel guitly to ask for this, but I want a makeover on my profile. I would like to have a Fallout theme for my banner and my blog site. If someone can help me since I am terrible doing that, I will appreciate it ... Please.

So if anything changes again, I will let you know... But right now, I ahve a new winner... and I think it is here to stay...

Thanks for your reading. A deeper blog for tomorrow. This was is only hype and excitement looking to get out of my system


Cinco de mayo

I find today a very special day. I love to see how both Canada and USA and some other countries celebrate Cindo de Mayo. Usually they get drunk drinking tequila and margaritas, wearing sombreros or painting the national colors on their face and listening to mariachi music. At least that was what I experienced when I had the chance to be in Canada during that time. I remember the big banners all over the bars and restaurants announcing the "Cinco de Mayo". My reaction? "WTF?" Why that reaction? Becuase in Mexico, do you know what we do? Absolutely nothing.

Cinco de Mayo (or May 5th) is an overrated celebration that involves the victory that we had over the french armies (Zaragoza FTW!) about 170 years ago in Puebla (The only city that actually celebrates this day as a party). After that victory, we got obliberated by the French and we became part of France. Thanks to USA and its Monroe Doctrine, we were able to shake the french out of our country. An historical moment for Mexico but we don't celebrate it that much. In fact we don't even care sometimes. The big mistake some people do is that they think May 5th is our independence day and it is not, that would be September 16th.

Anyway, I really love to see that in some countries people actually celebrate mexican style, just remember to invite some actual mexican people to have even more fun. I would like you to enjoy Cinco de Mayo, even if you will be partying yourselves :lol: I will just have a normal day! :lol:

Feliz Cinco de Mayo.

Hasta Luego



Nothing to talk about today...

Another early blog from yours truly

I didn't have the chance to play FallOut yesterday... I didn't play at all. I spent much of my time reading about the Swine Flu that is getting to us. I am certain that there are lot of theories regarding it... Some are from Health and some other are political, but one thing is for sure: It is going to screw a lot of people's pocket. Some countries are not flying to Mexico so tourism will be affected along with other industries like restaurants, cinemas and entertainment in general. The government has ordered that business should close as much as possible. I am not sure if GM will close (I don't think so considering that they will work for only two more weeks before a two month shutdown) but I would not like that all. It sucks that in an already weak economy like the one we are suffering, we still have to take measures like that... I just hope that everything comes up ok at the end of this situation.

That was just a small comment on a big issue. I think if you read the news online you will find out more since I don't want to make a boring political blog, since I left that long time ago.

During a time surfing on the net, I found out a site where you can get the first FallOut games (1 & 2) for a very reasonable price. ($12.00 dls both). This site is and the best part is that these games were made to be compatible with Windows Vista and XP so you can play them without a DOS adapter (Or whatever). The FallOut Phenomena has reached a high level on me, that I am even looking at Project V13, which is an MMORPG that will take place in the FallOut realm... Unfortunately, the latest information is not very hopeful about its release, but the point is that if a game is capable of make me want a MMORPG, then we are talking about serious addiction... As you see, I am even considering getting all previous Fallout games(Which I heard, they are amazing too). I won't be surprised that by the time I finish the game, I will be telling you that this game is the best XBOX 360 game I have ever played. We'll see...

May 1st is Labor day and we don't work, and if I am not mistaken, it's an international holiday, Who works and who doesn't? I am wondering. Me? I am not working so I will have a 3 day weekend. What will I do? This is the forecast:

Friday: Go for some needed excercise, Play FallOut and I have to go and get a present for a wedding.

Saturday: Go for some needed exercise, Go to the Wedding, Play FallOut 3 and possibly L4D with some friends.

Sunday: Go for some needed exercise, Spend the morning with my wife, Play FallOut 3 and some online gaming maybe...

Talking about boring routine...

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Early blog...

Writing a blog at 6:30 am... That is something... :)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that FallOut 3 is fantastic. I have explored so much. I am already a Level 8 (As neutral... That's boring)  and I haven't been doing actual quests... Just explore and explore... I had the chance to face my first Deathclaw. Those have earned my top spot as the hardest creatures from the mirelurks. Tough guys... He killed me miserably because I understimate it. The game is great and I keeps growing on me. When I finish it... in about one month at this rythm :P... I might come up with interesting things.

And in more interesting stuff, I downloaded the updates for both Left 4 Dead and Street Fighter 4, so if you feel like playing surviving mode or championship mode respectively, just let me know if you find me online (They both are free so...)

Monday May 4th is my D-Day. That's when a lot of people will learn about their future in my company... including me. At least I will have a long weekend (No work on Friday) to relax a little.

Have a great day... Off to work. :)


2 months is a lot of time...

Hello, everyone. Hope you have a great time.

As I mentioned yesterday, once I returned from vacation I receivedbad news, which most of you already know. As you remember I work in the Automotive Industry as part of Quality Assurance and Customer Service for a Canadian Company. My main client (and only in a technical way) is General Motors. We (meaning, the company I work for) received the news that GM Silao (The main plant in Mexico for assembly) will be shutdown from may 18th until July 13th. That's eight weeks. Even my other client, who supplies material for GM plant in Arlingotn will be closed from May 11th until July 13th, which is worst because it is nine weeks! What does that mean? Not only there will be a lot of lay offs from both plants possibly, all the people who get to stay will have to deal vacation, extra times and possibly earning just half their salary for that period. Suppliers will have their earnings low due to the lack of sales. THis is only the point of the iceberg. A total of 13 plants among USA and Mexico are closing during similar times, so the impact will be huge for GM and suppliers.

SInce I will be out of work for that time, (no production, no activities for me), I am still in a limbo. WHat will happen, I don't know. What will happen to my salary? and with my job? I can't even be transferred since our main client is down! I am more worried that previous times, but I know everything should be OK. Of course I won't be just haning around during that time. It is a good opportunity to plan a new business or finish my Master Thesis and other stuff. Anyway, I will make updates about this as soon as I find out more.

In the gaming world, I am enjoying a lot FallOut 3. I just finished a couple of quests that took me around 5 hours... Those five hours I didn't even feel them. They just passed. The game is so addictive and immersive. I love exploring so much that I sometimes forget about the quests. Now I have new quests but I think I will keep exploring to get money and stuff.

BTW, I really, really hate Mirelurks, and I know they are not even the toughest rivals around (Yeah, I rather battle a Super Mutant Brute... they have charisma at least). I will keep you posted about my progress in the game.

Just to finish. I will be updating more often my Twitter. I like it, I don't know why... If you have one, my Twitter is StanHigareda (go figure ) Add yours in your comment if you want.

See you around and have a great time



Where was I during weekend?

 I decided to take a break and go to the beach after... a lot of time

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I was there from thrusday to Sunday and now I am a little more relaxed.

Unfortunately, I received bad news from my job

But I will let you know about it tomorrow. For now, just look at me on relaxed times.

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