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Ratchet Future is a jack of all trades and a master of most. 1

Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction REVIEWBy your friendly neighborhood Stapler Hernandez (or Dave)The new gen has now entirely encompassed the lives of every lustful video game enthusiast (the politically correct term, since "nerd" is considered stigmatization..damn liberals). Now that all three consoles are nigh, what I learned about what is truly integral in this generation of gaming is consistency. With the onset of next generation consoles with pure processing muscle, more and mo...

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In your face edginess and repetition make this game a stinker 3

I love gore in my games as much as the next guy. Glistening scarlet blood, is their really anything better in our beloved interactive medium? No More Heroes has gore, and it's fantastic. Gore is definitely not its problem, however (it wasn't Killer 7's either). Suda 51's new gen offering has the same old flaws that Grasshopper studios is known for: all flash and no substance. What's even worse is that even the flash will grind on your nerves, with  extensively grating dialog, intentional or othe...

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Super Stardust HD is the definitive dual-joystick shooter. 0

Dual-Stick shooters is a glorious genre that got a serious revival through the next-gen consoles (ironbic twist of events considering it took processing muscle to bring back the simple top-down games). This renaissance of sorts for the genre was initiated by the release of Geometry Wars, which most can now agree outclassed every other title that polluted Xbox 360's launch line-up. People were blown away by the fast and gloriously shiny shooter, which proved to be surprisingly deep and addictive ...

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