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My Favorite Wiki Pages

I've contributed to a ton of pages on Giant Bomb. These are my favorite contributions.

List items

  • I've pretty much written this entire page. Chrono Trigger is my favorite game of all time, and hopefully that shows.

  • Probably both my favorite PC game and favorite RTS of all time, I've also written this page from scratch. Originally, I had a listing of all units in the game, along with descriptions, but apparently that was more fit for a guide.

  • The Final Fantasy VI page is another one I've written almost entirely from scratch. Final Fantasy VI is my favorite Final Fantasy game, and second favorite RPG.

  • Of coures I have to have the expansion pack for Red Alert 2 on here! On this page, I've actually kept the unit descriptions. I feel like it fits.

  • An obscure game, no doubt, but a great one. I made sure this page had enough detail, as it was previously empty.

  • At some point, I decided that all of the Double Dragon pages on Giant Bomb needed sweet articles. So I started with this one.

  • Ah, the Mother 3 page. Mother 3 is a fantastic game, easily the best of the Mother series. While Nintendo may not see its worth, hopefully this wiki page reflects it.

  • An overlooked classic, Shadow Over Mystara is an incredible blend of RPG and beat-em-up gameplay. Hopefully I gave the page the pimpin' it deserves.

  • Part of my campaign to give everything in the Double Dragon franchise a sweet page.

  • This is probably my favorite contribution when it comes to company pages. Capcom is one of my favorite game companies, and with their long and storied history, it was a no-brainer that they deserved a good page.

  • I freakin' love chiptunes, so after much research and writing, I expanded this page to a point where (I think) it effectively describes what chiptunes are, and how they have impacted gaming.

  • This page was pretty much a jumbled mess before I started working on it. I reordered all the information, wrote a lot more, fixed up grammar, fixed up formatting, etc. It looks a lot better now, at least to me.

  • Like the NES page, this page had problems. I worked on it, filled in a lot more information, and now the SNES has the page it deserves. I'm sure more could be said about the best console in the history of gaming, but that's for another time.

  • The worst game in the Double Dragon franchise still deserves a page. This is one of my heftier contributions in terms of the Double Dragon pages, probably due to the character descriptions.

  • After seeing this page as a wiki task, I completely played through the game before writing a page. I put in as much information as I could, and I think that it shows.

  • The Double Dragon Neo Geo game is an interesting one. Certainly not typical fare when it comes to the franchise, it's still an all-around decent game. The page is also a heftier contribution due to character descriptions.

  • Ken Uston's Commodore 64 game, Puzzle Panic, was a wiki task a while back. After one person said "there's literally no info on this game," I took it upon myself to write a lengthy page for the game. Check and mate.

  • The second best of the Double Dragon series, Double Dragon II was a fairly simple page to write (all three of the main trilogy were, actually). It ended up looking great in the end, so that's all that matters.

  • Double Dragon III is a game that gets a lot of undeserved hate, especially when it's better than Super Double Dragon. As part of the main trilogy, it was a relatively simple process to gather information and write about, but the page still turned out well.

  • Robotrek is a decent game, at best, in terms of gameplay. However, its story was surprisingly deep, which explains the lengthy story section of this wiki page.

  • Actually one of my least favorite Double Dragon games, this page ended up having an interesting article due to the game's past. It has a pretty fascinating development process, which resulted in a lot of regional differences.

  • The composer for the Command & Conquer series, I wrote up this guy's page a while after I finished the Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge pages. I've always enjoyed his work, and felt that he deserved a good page.

  • Shadowrun is a pretty decent cyberpunk RPG (referring to the SNES version, haven't played the others). I enjoyed it enough to work on this page.

  • JoyJoy is one of the games that introduced me to both the radiangames and the Xbox Live Indie games marketplace in the first place. It definitely deserves a good page.

  • Another wiki task, I particularly enjoy writing up concept pages. I've done it a few times, and this was just one that I enjoyed more than others.

  • Another wiki task concept that I wrote up, this one was a blast to research. I learned a lot about the game development process, and the algorithms that are used to determine random battles. Very interesting stuff.

  • Definitely an overlooked classic on the SNES, this game is awesome. It's probably the best looking SNES game, it's an extremely hard game, it's an awesome Contra-esque game, and it's an awesome side-scrolling shooter. Check it out, please. You'll thank me later.

  • My favorite Double Dragon game, I was surprised that this ended up being my lowest contribution in terms of the Double Dragon games. Still, it's a decent page.

  • The Tempura of the Dead is an awesome Xbox Live Indie game, easily one of my favorites on the whole channel. I highly recommend checking it out.

  • Another wiki task, I wrote as much as I could about this page without even knowing Japanese. Hopefully I understood the game well enough, and it's a good thing the rules of soccer/football are universal.

  • Unfortunate that this studio had to die. I love Geometry Wars, and I hope that they got the wiki page they deserve.

  • Another company that unfortunately went bankrupt/shut down, Technos is the developer of the Double Dragon series. Thankfully, Million has picked up where they left off.

  • New Game Plus is another concept I enjoyed writing about. It was pretty heavily utilized in Chrono Trigger, so you can imagine that I love it.

  • This is another page I've managed to infiltrate with chiptune and tracker related information. What can I say, I love chiptunes.