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Ambitious, but underwhelming 0

I came into Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem with some high expectations. I had been hearing a lot of good things about the game. It ranks highly on multiple "best of the GameCube" lists, so I was ready for an experience. That's one thing that Eternal Darkness delivers. An "experience." I just didn't find it as positive as others, and I attribute many of my issues with the game to dated controls and mechanics.Eternal Darkness' story was heralded almost across the board. There's just one proble...

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Physics based platforming in style 0

Rochard is a game that flew directly over my head when it was first released last September. I typically try and stay pretty up-to-date on indie game releases and reviews, yet somehow I completely missed this game. Rochard has definitely not received the praise it deserves. The game has solid puzzles, personality, and some great mechanics that come together as a very appealing package.The game stars John Rochard (who happens to be excellently voiced by Jon St. John, Duke Nukem himself), a miner ...

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Smooth, innovative, unique 0

The fourth game from Radiangames, Fluid is one of the best (and most unique so far). All three of the previous Radiangames have been related to shooting in some form, but Fluid is more akin to Pac-Man, and is even categorized as a "racing" game on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Fluid is a difficult game to categorize; it is very unique, and retains the inherent quality present in every Radiangame to this point. Gameplay in Fluid consists of collecting all of the glowing yellow orbs in each level....

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A fantastic multiplayer game that could have been so much more 0

It's difficult to label Harmony of Despair a Castlevania game. Sure, you have the dark setting, you have Death, Dracula, and your whole posse of vampire hunters are there, but the game lacks the traditional Metroidvania formula found in just about every main Castlevania game after Castlevania II. What at first glance appears to be a dirty way for Konami to make money by reusing assets is, in reality, a relatively complex and rewarding experience for those who are able to forgive the game of its ...

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Higher quality than some full-priced games 30

In a time where high-budget blockbuster video games thrive, Arkedo Series - 03 PIXEL! is a breath of fresh air. Pixel comes from French developer Arkedo Studio, the team responsible for Big Bang Mini and Nervous Brickdown. Designed by a team of two people, the care that they put into this gem is evident. From the sublime music to the soft glow of the faux-retro graphical style, Pixel is well-designed game through and through.    The soft glow of Pixel's faux-retro s...

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A Worthy Add-on to a Fantastic Game 0

Demons of the Badlands is the first of three downloadable add-ons for Red Faction: Guerrilla. This one takes place three years before Red Faction: Guerrilla, and covers the story of Samanya (a female ally of Alec Mason). For $10, Demons of the Badlands adds quite a lot of content.You have the three story missions, which I will go into in a second. These have the potential to be quite lengthy (depending on level of difficulty or player skill), with all three lasting somewhere around four hours. T...

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Welcome to Paradise City 5

Paradise City is filled with things to do.Burnout Paradise takes a huge leap in innovation from the previous Burnout titles. As a gamer who isn't incredibly interested in racing games (besides the occasional Mario Kart), I was naturally skeptical about Burnout Paradise. But, after seeing it for $20 as a Platinum Hits title at GameStop, I decided to buy it. I do not regret that decision.Burnout Paradise is a unique racing game. After selecting a car and fixing it up, you are free to go wherever y...

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Stylish, Upbeat, Fun 0

The cast.I heard a lot about The World Ends With You when it was called It's A Wonderful World. After reading several articles, my interest was piqued. While my brain could still not comprehend the insane dual screen battles by just reading articles, I knew I had to get my hands on this. Well, I finally did, and it has gone beyond and above my expectations. The World Ends With You is definitely one of the best games on the Nintendo DS; its music, style, gameplay, and story all draw you into the ...

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Undoubtedly one of the best games of all time 2

Chrono Trigger isn't just a game; it is a masterpiece. Designed by the masterful minds of many incredibly creative people at Squaresoft and Enix (including one Hironobu Sakaguchi), Chrono Trigger chronicles the adventures of a silent young boy named Crono. From to start to finish, every moment is one to remember. Many moments will make you laugh, a few sad ones might have a few in tears; all thanks to the absolutely amazing storytelling.Chrono Trigger's story is one of its innovations. Being one...

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The Wii has its "killer app" 1

To be blunt, Super Mario Galaxy is a great game. Obviously the best the Wii has seen in this year it has been out. This is basically the game that nearly every Wii owner bought their Wii for. This is the game that hardcore gamers have been begging for. Although it is a fantastic game for longtime Nintendo fans, new and non-gamers will love it as well. For example, my six year old sister saw me playing this and asked if she could start a file. Nintendo has nailed it. The story, as in every other...

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A solid and gritty old-school shooter 0

As a big fan of the Contra series, I was skeptical when it went into the hands of WayForward. This was mainly because of all of the games that they had previously developed (, which was kind of unsettling. However, Konami picked the right developer for this game. It's packed with features and (despite the game being only six levels) it will take you weeks to beat this incredibly difficult game. I am a huge fan of 2D sprite graphics. I li...

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An excellent addition to any DS owners' library 2

As I--and many--argue, gameplay is the most important aspect of a game. Arguably, without this aspect a game would crumble. Professor Layton, however, excels in this aspect. Nearly every one of the puzzles made me think logically; almost all of the answers are something seemingly incorrect. Albeit there were a few easy puzzles that I solved with a mere glance, most of the puzzles made me sit down and think "how does this work?" As if the puzzles weren't enough (most any other game developer wou...

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