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This I Love (Final Fantasy)

A list of characters, concepts, objects, locations, etc. I love -- or merely like -- due to my decades-long love of Final Fantasy.

List items

  • Not my first video game character love, but definitely my deepest and most enduring. I'm fully aware it's a little weird to be this attached to a video game character, but hey, what can I say, she's the greatest.

  • Sometimes I wish Cloud was real -- why can't all guys be as hot as Final Fantasy game characters? Honestly! Oh well, he'll always be my hero!

  • Be still, my beating heart. Still not as great as Cloud, but still a very cool character.

  • What's more terrifying than Sephiroth in FFVII? Not much, I'll tell you that. What's also scary is how much Crisis Core humanized the monster and actually made me feel bad for him.

  • My favorite character to play in Dissidia.

  • Whether it's games, movies, or just the CGI sequence of games that are kind of like movies, I love everything FFVII -- I might even have bought Dirge of Cerberus at some point. How's that for love?

  • Was I particularly looking for a MMORPG when this came along? Sure, but the only reason I gave this a chance over, say, EverQuest 2 or World of Warcraft is my lifelong love of Final Fantasy... and catgirls.

  • Windurst: My favorite nation! :) ...well, other than the Mithran homeland and that island nation full of Mithra, I suppose.

  • This is a MMORPG-lite game in which you can transform into Aerith, so I might buy it or its sequel eventually.

  • On PS4; also available on PS4: a version of the original FFVII with the ability to turn off random battles!

  • This and its sequel, "Curtain Call," feature Aerith as well as classic Final Fantasy songs.

  • This mobile game has Aerith in it, but it really was just a fun way to spend time with final fantasy on my phone till FF: Record Keeper came along.

  • This 8-bit-inspired mobile game features many FFVII characters, including Aerith, Cloud, and Zack.

  • My gaming gal sis loves this series, but it was my love of Aerith and other FF characters that drew me to seek out every bit of FF character and Hollow Bastion information I could.

  • Hollow Bastion: The home of many Final Fantasy characters in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

  • Even though it was Kiari who had the pink dress and personality overtones of Aeris in the game, it was NaminĂ© that I couldn't help but be drawn to. And of course, I never would've known of her at all if it wasn't for my love of Final Fantasy!

  • I really only care about flowers in the context of Final Fantasy and they make me think of Aeris. Is that bad? Considering I was never particularly girly, I don't think so!

  • I love the idea of an ancient, environmentally conscious, and powerful race like this.

  • Although I've always loved being a healer, I never really had a blueprint on how to go about doing it until I encountered healing magic/materia in the Final Fantasy series.

  • Although "I'll smite you with Banish! Dia! Muhahaha!" remains more a favorite catchphrase for me, Holy is the original awesome spell in white magic to me, demonstrating that you don't mess with someone who's trying to protect the planet and people she loves.

  • Materia remains my favorite system of magic, despite the greater flexibility of white magic in games such as Final Fantasy XI.

  • The spirit and lifeblood of the planet, yet another concept from Final Fantasy that I love -- and it's green! Can't beat that. *pause* Even though sometimes it's blue. But mostly green!

  • Yay for jobs! :)

  • Carbuncle is my favorite cross-game summon. Cute little Carby!

  • Garuda's my absolute favorite summon in FFXI. Wind Power!

  • Mogs are a lot of fun to be around and interact with.

  • Fun Fact: I used to pronounce/spell this Choboco for the longest time.

  • Riding chocobos is so much fun! Wark!

  • CRUSH your opponent with the Fat Chocobo!

  • I can't believe the effort I used to put into raising Chocobos! Still, like all things I put my mind to at that age, I conquered it. Woot.

  • Similar to Cloud, but more pessimistic (is that even possible?) and a badass in his own right.

  • I don't often give props to characters from FF games other than VII, but the true hero of the story of FFXII deserves a shout-out.

  • Although I was never much of a fan of Midgar in the original game, returning to it in Crisis Core felt like going home again. Good times!

  • A peaceful and powerful location.

  • One of the most memorable locations in the game, thanks to it being Red XIII's home.

  • "With music by Nobuo!" Truly great music.

  • Did a fantastic job as Aerith in the Japanese version of Advent Children.

  • Awesome as Cloud Strife in the English version of Advent Children.

  • Although not my first choice for Aerith (that would go to Kate Covington a.k.a. katethegreat19 of YouTube fame), I nonetheless gained a greater appreciation for Mena Suvari because of her participation in the Kingdom Hearts games as Aerith and paid attention to her subsequent roles because of it.

  • Monty Oum deserves a spot on this list due to his series "Dead Fantasy," created to be a fight series between the women of D.O.A. & the women of Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts. Although Aerith never made a direct appearance, Cloud and Tifa both did, with the promise of great things in the future. Unfortunately, Monty died at 33 on 02/01/15 after a severe allergic reaction following a routine medical procedure.