Y'all gonna get hugged! Ultimate Haggar and Frank West combos

If you recognize my user-name/avatar from the forums, you probably know me as the Capcom fanboy that fights tooth and nail to defend the existence of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Well all you haters out there can suck it. I've already gotten more play-time out of this $40 game than any of you got out of Rage and my game doesn't even come out for another day.

But I'm not here about that, I'm here to tell you about Haggar and Frank West and why they're the bestest of friends. Haggar's biggest buff in Ultimate is the ability to OTG with his cr.H to extend his combos. Unfortunately, he needs an assist to properly capitalize on this. Fortunately, I run Haggar on point so I always have 2 buddies waiting to help out. Beyond giving him extra damage, the biggest benefit of this change is how much easier it makes it for Haggar to end an extended combo with a Hyper and continue with DHC's. Also being able to do 1 Million damage after a command throw is nice.

So where does Frank factor in to all this? Well if you watched the previous video you probably noticed how long his Shopping Cart assist stays on the screen letting me take full advantage of Haggar's OTG. Even more exciting is the fact that Haggar's Lariat assist is the perfect tool for getting Frank to level 4 where he gets access to the awesome Paddle-Saws. If any of you have been watching the recent flood of UMvC3 footage on YouTube you might have already seen people showcasing their Level 1-5 Frank West combos. What you might not have noticed is the fact that every one of those combos requires either 2+ bars of Hyper Meter or an opponent that is in the corner. My combo works from anywhere on screen and requires no Hyper Combo Gauge.

So what's next? Well I'm almost 100% certain I'm going to ditch Ghost Rider. I simply don't like the way he feels. I still need a wall-bouncing assist, however, so I might be looking at either Iron Fist or returning to the well that is Spencer. Unfortunately this leaves my team incredibly vulnerable to any sort of zoning so I don't know, maybe I'll suck it up and learn how to make fools LOOK IN TO MY EYES.

Got any characters/teams that you're not sure how to use best? Let me know and if it's within my abilities, I'll make a video for you. It's good to be back.