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stawnkald: Best of 2010

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  • I played through this game like three fucking times and I'm working on a fourth. So yeah, Game of the Year.

  • The story was interesting, the characters (especially John Marston) were amazing, and the quality of the gameplay was right up there. Superb title.

  • This game has everything - an interesting modern-day plot, a heaping helping of side-quests and weird random activities, satisfying beat 'em up gameplay, and quite importantly the most underappreciated badass motherfucker in video games - Kazuma Kiryu.

  • I slept on this one for a while, but when I finally gave it a go...holy shit did I enjoy this. Immensely. What a great, polished game with great atmosphere, some interesting set pieces, and a bizarre plot...along with solid gameplay mechanics that can be expected from Remedy. The extra DLC was icing on the cake for a really great thriller/horror title.

  • Rock & Roll based music gaming at its very best. I guess that's a good thing since the genre has pretty much run its course and is preparing for a return to the world of niche gaming. Still, with Rock Band 3's huge music line-up compiling almost the entire "Rock Band Platform"'s enough to make you not worry about the uncertain future.

  • In all honesty I didn't enjoy New Vegas as much as I had hoped, considering how much I loved Fallout 3. But still New Vegas was a fun, deep, and addictive RPG that I'll totally play through again to finish the game with a different faction. Someday.

  • No, it's not up to the caliber of the original game (a nearly impossible task), but the haunting atmosphere and unique gameplay still shines. Plus, you got to throw a golf club at a robotic Andrew Ryan. So that's pretty awesome.

  • Maybe this is a trendy pick (especially on Giant Bomb) but damn if I didn't enjoy this off-the-wall game. The story was great, the characters were insanely insane, and the heart demonstrated by the developers despite the small budget shines through compared to the glossy yet generic titles that seem to permeate the gaming landscape. Plus it was just twenty stupid dollars.

  • I know a lot of people were down on the game, but I'm not one of them. The reason? Goddamn agility orbs. Those fucking things are going to be the death of me someday. Otherwise, sure, it's a quick cash-in sequel that doesn't do much new but what it still does - crazy-ass superhero action and...those goddamn agility orbs - is still really great.

  • Honestly this would otherwise be my game of the year, but since this is technically the third release of Persona 3 I thought it was a bit unfair. Still, this is my second favorite game of all fucking time (right underneath Persona 4) so even a triple-dip is worthy of inclusion on this list (sorry Final Fantasy XIII, my #11), mostly due to the inclusion of the female protagonist and her unique take on the story. I finished the PS2 version like 5 times kids, it's pretty addicting shit.