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Games I've Purchased For Game Room

I'm not crazy like one Herr Gerstmann, but I like a good Game Room purchase from time to time.

List items

  • I suppose this is cheating but I did acquire the core software on the first day of release.

  • Pretty neat game. I suck balls at it though.

  • Arcade version. Game plays terrible on 360 so...a waste of 240 spacebucks.

  • It's not a great game or anything but I did get all the Game Room medals. So yeah I played it a lot.

  • I bought this thinking it was a Ranked Mode game, but alas. Still pretty fun despite that.

  • Waste of two-hundred and forty bucks from space.

  • I really dig this game though it's mad hard after a while. I ended up with the Time Spender medal fucking around with it.

  • When I was a kid I played this game a ton on my Uncle's 2600 so naturally I grabbed it. It's still really fun.

  • Obviously a classic but damn if I suck ass at it. I'm better at like Super Meat Boy than this.

  • I blame Ryan and Jeff for this one. It's better than River Raid 2 at least.

  • I bought this on the first day, because it seemed really fucking awesome. It is. Weird-ass scoring system though.

  • Jesus, this game is fucking brutal in challenge. I can barely finish the first stage!

  • Shameful confession, I bought this game on XBLA years ago and now grabbed it for Game Room just for medals and challenges. Sigh.

  • This game is really weird. I still haven't really gotten a grip on how to play it.

  • Yet another oddly addictive Game Room title. Janky as fuck but I play it for a few minutes almost every day to see how far I can get.

  • A racing game with Ranked Mode! Yes! I'm just hoping Road Fighter's sequels end up on GR eventually.

  • Also own this on XBLA. But Time Pilot is my favorite Game Room game by far. All the gold medals? You know it, bitches.