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E3 2011 Most Anticipated Games

Stealthmaster86: E3 2011 Most Anticipated Games

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  • I only got to start playing the series a few months ago and it is now one of my most favorite series of this generation. No doubt that this is my 2011 E3 Game of Show.

  • Because I didn't play Uncharted 2 when it came out, because of the lack of a PS3, in 2009 with the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum it blew me a way with it's story and gameplay. The Sequel to my 2009 Game of the Year takes the second spot.

  • The Final chapter to Commander Shepard comes to an end as Mass Effect 3 is total war with the Reapers.

  • The sequel to one of the first games I played on the 360, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim seems to fix all the problems I had with Oblivion. Hunting down and killing dragons is a plus also.

  • Just when I though I was done with Military FPS games, they pull me back in. With it's Jaw dropping graphics using the Frostbite 2 engine Battlefield 3 seems like it's the end all be all of Military FPS games.

  • The 2ed year in a row, Skyward Sword continues to impress. With new gameplay comes with a new excitement to the classic Franchise. Knowing the Zelda team I expect GREAT things from the latest Masterpiece.

  • He's alive and knows more than anything than the Cogs would ever imiagine. Gears of War 3 seems to end the trilogy with Marcas Fenix's father Adam in the center of the story. I don't know what will happen, but I do know that there will be heads popping off.

  • The final chapter to Ezio finds himself looking for answers as the conspiracy runs deeper. With visions of Altair Ezio, now an old man, may find that the truth is more shocking than either Ezio or Desmond could ever know.

  • Another game that was in my Top Ten of last year, Rage sets to be a brilliant new IP from the fathers of the FPS genre, ID Software.

  • Rayman is back in the new platformer. With it's amazing art style and music this may be the one of the best side scrollers of this generation.