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StealthRUSH's Top 100 Favorite FM Towns / PC-FX Games

A proprietary 32-bit computer from Fujitsu, released in 1989 only in Japan. The first computer with a standard CD-ROM drive, it had many CD enhanced versions of Eastern and Western games (including action, adventure and RPG titles) which are sought after to this day by collectors. Its console version, FM Towns Marty, released in 1993 as the first 5th-gen console.

The NEC PC-FX was a console designed in the form of a PC and planned to be upgradable. It failed due to lack of 3D graphical power and little developer support. The PC-FX is known for it's large percentage of adult titles and was NEC Corporation's last gaming console. Honorable Mention: Puzznic, Bacta, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Dungeon Master, Lemmings, After Burner, Microcosm, Flying Shark, EMIT series, Kokuu Hyouryo Nirgends, Last Survivor.

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