StealthRUSH's Top 100 Favorite Mega Drive Games

Growing up my neighbor and I would trade each others 16-bit consoles - Super Nintendo for Sega Genesis for periods of time. Although I never owned Sega Mega Drive console or games, I've rented numerous titles throughout the years and played majority of NTSC released games.

Including all umbrella extensions of Mega Drive (Genesis) Mega-CD (Sega CD) and Super 32X (Sega 32X). Excluded most titles unplayable without knowledge of Nihongo.

Honorable Mention: Gain Ground, Yumimi Mix, Sol-Feace, Power Instinct, Snow Bros. Nick & Tom, Revenge of Shinobi, Road Rash 2, Road Rash 3, Fire Shark, High Seas Havoc, Fatal Fury Special, Steel Empire, Columns, Mega Turrican, Time Gal, Crusader of Centy, Beyond Oasis, Technoclash, Comix Zone, Earthworm Jim series, Boogerman, Street Smart, Micro Machines series, Death Duel, Dangerous Seed, Cross Fire.

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