Best of 2010

Stephen_Von_Cloud: Best of 2010

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  • Maybe Rockstar's best game. An amazing story with some of the best writing I've ever heard in a game. John Marston is a classic character. And Undead Nightmare was perfect, it was silly but gave you a new and interesting take on the characters and the world. Best DLC of the year, and for a great price, and even stand alone.

  • Not a big evolutionary step but a very refined and fun single player experience and innovative multiplayer. Ending was a little weak I thought, though it did add some more big implications to the plot. The Truth video this time was kind of weak in how it didn't really reward you (only confound you) but the puzzles leading up were awesome like AC II's were in how they wove the story through historical events, here even with a focus on the modern day which makes the conspiracy feel all the more sinister. (I will always be afraid of finding a hidden channel on my digital cable menu lol) Looking forward to AC 3.

  • Single player was solid but this has the best console FPS online multiplayer available. Great teamwork and new take on the classic Battlefield gameplay which is always so fun. Really good graphics, sound, and destruction effects.

  • The ending sucked and the story overall was kind of inconsequential in the grand scheme, but it certainly was an interesting blend of RPG and shooter. Really liked the improvements to combat and some of the new characters.

  • It doesn't quite scratch the same itch that the old Splinter Cell titles did for me and in that way it reminds me of the jump from old Rainbow Six to the Vegas series. Still, tons of fun on its own like Vegas was. The fluidity and deadly precision of Sam Fisher is worth the price of admission. Makes you feel like a truly bad ass spy. Co-op was also very good.

  • This game had some stupid writing, voice acting, and missions... but some amazing gameplay and it sure is beautiful. Moving around the world and blowing up enemy positions feels great and has a skill curve in a good way, so by the end you truly become a master. And by the end I mean when I was done with it, which was after 20 hours but not too far into the story. Still one of my favorite games of the year.

  • Really fun family platformer. Smart how it tries to incentive skill but has no penalties for death at all really. My sister is often timid to play games co-op with me because she is afraid of failure and isn't too great at games yet, but she had fun playing with me and both of us had fun. Of course there is the unique art direction too, that is the obvious highlight.

  • Looks amazing and just really well designed. Did make me want it to be more Burnout since its so close to Burnout 3 at times, but still great.

  • Good, but lacking some God of War magic. I didn't find Kratos' brutality off putting like some, for me it created a tragic effect where you were watching him literally destroy everything in his path in a search for revenge, even if it doesn't all make sense, because Kratos is not a good guy (not sure why people think he was before or want him to be). Kind of Shakespearean in a way. He is a tragic anti-hero.

  • I normally would not put a sports game on my list at all, even though I play some and 2k every year, but this was a well made product. Improved all around and the inclusion of classic players was really cool to see. I hope that is expanded upon in the next game. Props to 2k for really pushing themselves despite the lack of competition due to the Elite debacle.