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Bloody, Violent, and Full of Promise 0

"God of War clone".  Every action adventure game that looks even remotely like the God of War franchise must receive this label from everyone and then try to overcome it.  The best thing I can say about Wolverine is that it does this.  While the game certainly has its share of rough edges, it has some great ideas and I can't wait to see if they expand upon them in a sequel.Quick Time Events and interactive cutscenes are common place in this genre, and Wolverine has a fresh take on them.  The gam...

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Brought Back the Beat Em' Up 0

The Warriors is a beat em' up and an adventure game rolled into one.  The combat system is brutal, satisfying, and works extremely well.  The combat system puts all other modern brawlers to shame and when you get a big rumble going on the action looks incredibly convincing. On top of the combat Rockstar, as they are known to do, adds layers of depth with small things, like the car stereo theft and tagging mini-games.  The style of the movie is nailed perfectly and all the additions as far as new...

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Ahead of It's Time Yet Still Unmatched 0

There is much that can be said about Deus Ex and it's quality as a video game, from the solid FPS gameplay to the interesting and complex story to its freedom to its RPG progression, but perhaps the best indicator of how truly a great a game is that even amongst more recent FPS/RPG hybrid games you can't find anything as great.  Games like Bioshock, even though that game makes it far on atmosphere, feel watered down in every field that Deus Ex excelled.  The only other game that can stand alongs...

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