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2009...The Year of Trico... or Ico 3... whatever.

This is the game i've been waiting to hear about all throughout 2008. I thought i was going to hear something at e3, but no cigar. Then i thought it would be shown at TGS, but nothing again. I can't wait until, they show something because i know i'm gonna love it.

I'd also say final fantasy 13 but that won't see a US release this year, let alone a UK one.

They're the main highlights. I'm still totally interested in Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 , Infamous, Heavy Rain, Kingdom Hearts (on both the PSP and DS), Madworld and anything PlatinumGames related. I hope Nintendo will get its ass in gear, start showing some cool stuff like the next zelda.

There'll be a lot of good things this year for sure.


Back From Holiday

So i went to Antigua for two weeks. It was cool. I'm really tired, so i can't be bothered to ramble about it. I've been awake for over 24 hours now, but whatevs.

I'm trying to catch up with everything but there's just too much information to sort through. Giantbomb continues to be fucking excellent however, as i've just watched the madden feature.

I'm out.


So this is it? Awesome!

I'm pretty excited right now.

This site feels pretty intimidating at the moment, but i just have to get used to it. It definitely looks cool, so I can't wait to try out all the different features.