I have nothing to blog about...

I guess I will blog about that then xD 
Nothing interesting has happened lately so I have nothing to put into this journal-like thing... Instead I will just complain that I have nothing to write about. It's just oh so ironic. I have spent all my time today and yesterday watching tv with nothing interesting to gossip about and other than my lifeless life I have nothing to complain about... Maybe I should go to the pub... Then I won't give a toss about anything. Sounds like a plan... FUCK YEAH! =D

A long day...

These quests have overrun me, my quest to be a moderator is going to take a very long time xD 
I have been doing thse goddamned things for exactly 12 hours now and I got less done than I would've hoped... :( 
A few my hours then I'm going to bed. Big review day tomorrow methinks :)

Stupid bloody quests taken over my life :(

After discovering this new quest system last night I was in awe at the creativity and clever methods of improving the popularity of their website. 
I began clueless to the whole the thing and didn't understand it at all but once I found the quest tab (duh ¬_¬) I became quite addicted as I'm sure a fair number of people have become. 
I have always been a completionist even before the xbox 360 achievement system with the ps2, ps1, gameboy etc. I always felt the need to "Catch 'em all!" and get a beautiful '100%' appear on my screen. When I bought my 360 and became familiar with the achievement system I became more of a completionist and would spend hours even after completing the main storylines and side missions or whatever, to get that beautiful 100%. 
Then when I saw this quest system I was overwhelmed with temptation to complete all of these :O I have found these quests more addicting and more fulfilling than my achievement hunting. I think GiantBomb have truly outdone themselves this time. A HUGE well done to you :) And a huge thank you as well :)


Um... Confusing?

Right, I have just recently joined this site and I have synchronised my achievements from my Xbox Live profile to Giant Bomb. Since then I have, of course, been playing more games and unlocking new achievements, these new achievements have not been showing up on Giant Bomb. It's been a few days now so I'm assuming it doesn't update automatically... but I can't see any way to update them! It's moderately frustrating :P