Top 5 most satisfying games to get maximum GS in :)


Front cover of Star Ocean: The Last Hope (US) for Xbox 360
Front cover of Star Ocean: The Last Hope (US) for Xbox 360
This game will have you playing the game for your entire life, you will keep moving away and coming back in detremination. You miss the slightest little thing and you are fucked. Also good luck with battle trophies... 

This game will only reward players with skill or people who get their friends to do it :P Legitimately for the average player, this game will kill you and you will give up on trying... FOREVER. The achievement list is just unnatural. 
This game has many easy achievements that take little effort or can be obtained with a guide etc. But some of them require extreme skill, if you can survive for 7 days, answer all calls from Otis and evacuate all the frigging survivors... you are a legend in my eyes. 
This games achievements are not that difficult and perseverence will see you through the odd tricky one but the achievemement requiring you to get 10 000 kills in ranked matches is just insane and a serious obsession will net you this. And just for a mere 50 points is it worth spending hundreds of hours online to get? For completionists and people that like to show off this achievement will satisfy you in LARGE amounts. 
This games achievements and not difficult especially if you have a friend to boost for the online ones. However, the satisfaction you will receive is that your hours of boredom in single player to get your 1000 is over :) 
I only listed games I have played so don't be like where's this, that and the other. I was going to mention Final Fantasy 11 online but we all know how much time you need to give up on that for your 1000 G's. I haven't personally completed all these but I know how satisfying they will be when/if I complete them.
The latter of achievements in these games are easy, but for completion.... yes this is an achievement within itself.

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