Games of 2018

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  • This is the other game I spent far too much time playing. 'Into the Breach' is as good as BattleTech but in a more chess puzzle sorta way. Just like the previous game, FTL, you can earn experience for your Mech pilots and modify the Mech's used by those pilots in the game. Unlike FTL tho, the game is a tighter experience. Each mission only last 5 turns but wow, do they pack a lot during those 5 turns. You are forced to reevaluate your objectives almost at every step. Do you let your Mech take a hit and die, thus protecting a building or sacrifice the building to let the mech live and be able to complete the mission objectives (which differ from mission to mission). And it only gets worse from there. Love it.

  • I am really tied between this game and 'Into the Breach' for my No.1 pick of 2018. This game speaks to my inner 15 year old. The game's story is really excellent, propelling you from mission to mission with each 'beat' of the story. And the open world nature of its universe allows you to explore everything at your pace. With the recent DLC drop, this aspect of the game is extended even more with Flashpoints.

    The best part of the game is the tactical combat that involves four of your mechs (not necessarily your best) vs a very competent AI. Nothing like pulling your ass out of a 2-1 situation in a 5 skull mission when reinforcements show up.

    However, once you beat the power curve the game does become a bit repetitive as you tend to steamroll your opponents in short order. In the end, I have to say that I have had a lot of fun both playing the main story set of missions and exploring the outer reaches of known space. Excellent game. Period.