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@szlifier: I've done worse (at least you _have_ a test environment :p). I've took the stack trace down - I don't think there was anything particularly sensitive in it, but figured there was no reason to leave it up now it's fixed.

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Provided one is not attached to the original art style of the other versions, it is a fantastic way to experience the story

It cuts a lot of Okabe's internal monologue, which I think is a negative for the game. You lose a lot of his internal conflict, which makes him seem even more insufferable at the beginning, and some incredibly memorable lines are just cut (like "Our souls fester like semem left to rot in the womb", which has stuck with me since the first time I read it).

@mento said:

However, the way the player is - if only marginally - factored into the plot through their phone interactions is enough to be immersed in the story and its characters from the perspective of one who ostensibly has some control over the narrative.

What it does do is make you make the decision, which is especially meaningful in a game like Steins;Gate where there is no real good decision here. It's very slight, but powerful. I think why Steins;Gate works is you can not do it and it continues on; it says "OK, let's see what that looks like" (granted, at only a few points, but those are the important points). In a meta-sense, you might know it's a fail state or bad end, but the game never treats it that way.

@mento said:

Once I'm satisfied that I've seen every route this game has to offer

Make sure you see the True End, if you haven't already. Unless you are paying attention (it's easy to overlook in 40 hours) or check the trophies, it's not necessarily obvious it exists (structural spoiler: it continues after one of the "character" endings, so it's easy to think you've seen everything), and is IMO one of the best moments in the entire game.

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@simonk83: Breaking Brad doesn't appear to be set up as a show, merely a category. If you use the call, you'll see it listed there.

You'll also note that the site links to


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If you went to a film screening, you wouldn't record it (even part of it) and then try to defend it as journalism. I'm not sure why this would be any different.

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@rorie: Looks like it doesn't just affect the forums. If you click the first image on Hitman 2 images, then refresh

gets redirected to

I'm also sometimes getting redirected to from that Click thread for reasons I can't quite replicate (sometimes I click back and end up back at the Hitman image gallery, sometimes I click back and end up back at that Click thread, then clicking back again goes to the Grim Fandango thread)

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If you follow a link to a forum topic (from the recent topics list), you get linked to (for example):

However, after loading, the URL gets rewritten to (note the lack of #):

If you refresh, or try linking to this URL, it 404s.

Incidentally, it does not apply to all forums, such as the Bug Reporting forum -- possibly related to the new wiki changes?

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@sethmode said:

So, yeah, that sucks. Not really sure what to do and I guess the game is a too new to find any fixes for it.

Yep, I've had that. Had the "Clear infestations to improve moral" message, so cleared the five visible infections -- none left on the map, but still got the message (the message did from yellow to white though). Between that and the other borderline game-breaking bugs (losing control of a character after leaving a vehicle, not getting control back until zombies attack the car and it explodes, and only surviving because I was RIGHT next to my base; UI randomly disappearing, including once during a fight with a juggernaut, which would have cost me a character [as I couldn't see ammo/health/stamina] had I not killed the game before it saved), I think I might be done with the game for now.

Word of warning: If the UI does disappear, don't use the supply locker - the game stops taking all input--your character is stuck in the using a menu animation and you can't back out--and I'm not sure what happens if it saves in that state.

@sethmode said:

@merxworx01: It's actually RT, and thank@matiaz_tapia, they said it first! But it is SUPER helpful. I spent so much time running back and forth and the game has ZERO interest in letting you know about the feature.

I think there's a tutorial prompt for it, but it didn't show up after I'd already done it. Same with the "You can carry multiple rucksacks in vehicles" tip - that didn't show up until I'd already done it, and then showed up twice more despite me doing it multiple times.

Edit: There's a post on Reddit about possibly finding missing infections - seemed to work for me (it found one infection that wasn't showing up properly, though it was ALSO hidden by a horde icon so difficult to find).

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Worse than the 24hr clock is time zones though. So annoying.

As someone in the UK who frequently watches live content from both America and Japan, you are absolutely correct (especially with DST - American DST dates are offset by a few weeks from the UK). I've got my computer set to show three clocks, which is just dumb.

@burncoat: Ok but that is a process that everybody else does for their alcohol (plus other varied regional restrictions), but they simply use the percentage for it. Doubling it doesn't change anything if not resulting in a bigger number as you said.

It's mostly a historical artifact:

The term proof dates back to 16th century England, when spirits were taxed at different rates depending on their alcohol content. Spirits were tested by soaking a pellet of gunpowder in them. If the gunpowder could still burn, the spirits were rated above proof and taxed at a higher rate.

The crazy part is that American proof isn't even that. It wasn't established until around 1848, and was just defined to be twice the ABV (rather than the ~1.75 conversion factor to the historical proof). FWIW, legally it has to be labelled in ABV, and only CAN be labelled proof in addition.