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Anemic 0

TLDR: Code Vein is a tactless, tasteless and thoroughly unworthy attempt to clone the Dark Souls formula onto an abysmally vapid 'anime' world.I love Dark Souls. Those series of games are amongst my most favorite of any, and I will go to fairly great lengths to consume more of that formula, even if it's far from perfect. This thirst for more Souls games has let me to series such as Nioh, The Surge and even Lords of the Fallen (send help). As it lead me to this recently discounted title on Steam...

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Bound By Flame: Bafflingly Awful 5

I'll start this with the most important piece of information: Do not buy this game. It looks ok in screenshots, it sounds ok in descriptions, the quicklook makes it seem pretty ok, it even starts out as a reasonably good game; but HO-LEE-SHIT it takes one of the hardest swings into the toilet I have ever witnessed.Ok, important preface over, the anatomy of the game is this: It's a third person action RPG and from playing it I can tell it's built on the engine and game scaffold that CD Projekt RE...

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Strathy's Child of Light Review: Squandered Beauty 0

Like so many who played this game, I find myself sadly one of the same. For I too, wish I liked this more than I do.Child of light is almost unfathomably beautiful to look at and listen to, and I want to like it, I really do (I'll stop the ironic rhyming now). But the bad elements of that game are so agressively forced that I find myself hating it instead for squandering such beauty. The writing is bad, and the forced rhyming is abysmal, but if you simply click through it all the allready etheri...

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I was ready to gestate that facehugger, what what burst forth from my chest was only dissapointment. 0

The main Giantbomb review by Navarro is pretty much bang on so I'll keep this short and toward my own focus. I'm someone who is usually willing to trudge through less than great FPS just to see the end. I'm the guy who played and actually enjoyed (kind of) such gaming masterpieces as Duke Nukem Forever and W40K Fire Warrior. I did not finish this game. I tried, I really did; I got right up to the ubiquitous showdown-with-the-Queen end boss fight when the Queen clipped through a wall and got s...

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