Nintendo WiiU Will be a Big Deal

So I haven’t quite figured out how to write it, is it Wii U, is it WiiU, or Wii+U? I doubt it’s that last one. However the collective decides to write it, it’s sort of a game changer. Listen, I’m not a Nintendo fanboy. I hugged my Sonic doll before Mario in the 16 and 32 bit era but know your history. Nintendo makes game changers. Who do you think made analog sticks a standard? Or force feedback, or motion, hell, even the diamond shape button configuration on controllers can be traced back to the Super Nintendo.

The WiiU will be a big deal. It may not be exactly what we expected and Nintendo’s message might have been a little muddled (we weren’t even sure it was a separate console until G4TV asked Reggie after the briefing) but the idea that you can have your inventory on the controller, or call plays in sports games privately is a concept worth stealing (Note: Not unlike what Sega wanted with the Dreamcast). That UI stuff on the controller is a cool idea but it’s not even the idea for the WiiU.

Being able to play console games while dad watches his sports, or mom watches Cake Wars is a big deal for families, and can bring in even more casual gamers into the fold. Still, the hardcore doesn’t have a real reason to care about this yet. All we wanted was HD graphics, and dual analog sticks, and we got it.

With Battlefield 3, Batman Arkham Asylum, Darksiders 2, Tekken, and a few others all announced for the WiiU, Nintendo might have finally hit that sweet spot for gaming, attracting hardcore gamers along with their mothers.

I guess time will tell how this really does, or at least until one of the other platforms copy it.