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Glad Giant Bomb is not classified as a 'Games' site...yet

So my work place has a severe internet restriction policy.  Using the Websense tools they have blocked any web based email service, through fear of someone downloading a virus, along with several other categories of site.

Things such as gambling sites.  Fair enough.

Social networking sites.  I can understand.

But the generic category 'Games' causes me great frustration.  I can only imagine they understand a 'Games' site to be any website form of videogame e.g. flash games.  They are restricted, and that's understanble.  However, videogame news/review sites are also categorised as 'Games', and thus get blocked also.  So whilst everyone else is getting their news fix at work, reading up on their hobbies be it sports, movie news, or Satanism, I'm left without access to simple videogame news.

When Giantbomb was in it's blog format, I was able to view it unrestricted at work.  Then suddenly is was classified as a 'social networking' site (?), and thus blocked.  Today however, my first day back in the office since launch, I was able to access the site (albeit through the firms crappy IE v6), which leads me to believe the site hasn't yet be classified as 'Games'.

Please guys, don't change it!  I need it to get me through the day!

UPDATE - It's now blocked :(