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A Journey 0

As you'd expect from thatgamecompany and Jenova Chen's works, Journey is an art.You take control of a being, presumably on a pilgrimage, to reach a summit, which is shown to you throughout the game. The gameplay is simple, left analog stick to move, right analog stick to control the camera (you can also tilt to rotate the camera), X to jump, and circle to 'sing'.Journey is a short game, you could finish it in less than 2 hours. And it's all about moving forward, you'll find yourself pushing the ...

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The best MGS to date 0

I've played thru and completed both Japanese and English versions of Peace Walker on PSP before. The experience was great, even though they were played under a single analog knob. This HD remake should bring Peace Walker to the proper recognition it deserve.Visual and AuralPeace Walker was originally for PSP, thus it can be seen that the models have less polygon count than what you'd expect from a PS3 / 360 games. However, even though with hardware limitation, it was an amazing looking PSP game....

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