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... gel, splashing in virtual puddles will always be a delight.

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Best of 2009

SubwayD: Best of 2009

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  • I'm not fucking kidding! I honestly enjoyed the shit out of this game.

    Farewell, Grin.

  • Excellent humour. Excellent music. Excellent game. Another winner on all fronts.

    Not doubt I'm totally in the minority here, but the RTS stuff was actually really good. If it wasn't for stat glitches, I'd still be playing this online.

  • While it might just be another Ratchet game, it happens to be the best in the series so far.

  • Make no mistake, this is probably one of the best made games of the year. Just for me it fell a bit flat. I guess it's hard to explain what didn't quite click, but it's still so darn polished that it gets a place on this list.

  • While nonsensical at points, the story would easily be described as "Epic as all get out".

    Not too fussed with the MP but Spec-ops really helps the longevity.

  • While I'll admit I'm not hugely into the difficult old-school RPG combat mechanics, as an interactive fiction it's the best all year. I'm content to play on easy and just enjoy interacting with the world and it's characters, seeing what terrible and depressing things happen.

  • 2009's most improved sequel.

  • And out of nowhere came a Batman game that wasn't just worth a damn, but worth a whole crap load of damns.

  • I can't not nominate this years Monolith title.

  • While it might not feel like an honest to goodness resident evil game, and some people seem to really hold that against it, it's a damn fine thriller of an action game.