Cocaine Mountain: New Look, Newfound Success

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With suggestions from BamD Leprechaun, Cocaine Mountain overhauled its look for the second season, and it has coincided with some success. We have reached .500 winning percentage, and have looked pretty good in some games, with a highlight being a 7-0 win over some random Hab wannabes. The return of JQuist47 has also marked the return of our most efficient scorer, and he's picked up where he left off, committing treason against his native Sweden. Check out this smart rebound goal:

And as you can tell I've now harnessed the power of multi-angle editing, and to that end have produced this ridiculously overwrought highlight.

I promise to be less cheesy next time.

If you have NHL 12 and you'd like to join our team, send a join request to Ccn Mtn, or a friend request to Suicrat on XBox Live. And if you are the member of a different team and you'd like to challenge us, send a challenge to, again, Ccn Mtn.