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A Metroid game in name only 1

Metroid Prime Hunters, no word of a lie, is quite the technological accomplishment. The 4-player online mode, complete with voice chat, with 7 unique playable characters, and a decent level of graphical quality crammed into the DS is admittedly impressive. However, when a game carries the title 'Metroid', there is an aspect which cannot be overlooked. Singleplayer is obviously the aspect to which I am referring. Single player is what defines Metroid games. Single player is what kept Metroid Prim...

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4-colour worlds are somewhat difficult to traverse 1

The Metroid series was a slow developing one in the beginning. After liberating Zebes, Samus lovers would have to wait five years before stepping back into the Power Suit, and they would have to do so on a 4-colour screen. A tough pill to swallow for Metroid fans who witnessed faithful and loving re-imaginings of the Mario and Zelda universes on the SNES with Super Mario World and A Link to the Past. This is part of what makes Metroid II: The Return of Samus the awkward middle child of the origi...

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"FUCK FACE!!!" 'nough said. 0

    Nintendo's internal developers (namely Nintendo Tokyo, Sora, and Retro Studios) have created some impressive works of visual art, but third party developers are still struggling to take advantage of the (comparitively weak) graphics hardware under the Wii's hood. Enter Grasshopper Manufacture and their not-quite-ready-for-primetime lead designer Gouichi Suda who, in No More Heroes, has created a game which accentuates the shortcomings of the Wii to create an altogether bizarre place called S...

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Some of the best boss fights in Nintendo history 0

When Metroid Prime was released in 2002, critics and fans said "a game like this only comes around every once in a while". Based on the enormous gap between Super Metroid and Metroid Prime, they had a point. However, Retro Studios has proven that lightning can strike twice, and it can strike quickly. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes improves upon everything at which its predecessor excelled. Namely: atmosphere, music, puzzles, and combat.A hallmark of the Metroid series is the eerie atmosphere in which t...

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This is the best shooter on the Virtual Console. Bar none. 0

With a name like Gunstar Heroes, it is hard not to at least get a sense of the goings-on in this Wii Virtual Console tribute to a Genesis classic. It follows "Gunstar Red" (and Gunstar Blue if you have a friend with whom to play) on a quest to retrieve the Mystical Gems stolen by the evil Colonel Red and his cronies. In other words, this is your standard story of heroes using guns to vanquish evil. It provides some mildly interesting context for your actions, but little else. Gunstar Heroes' str...

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The last fast and loose Metroid game 0

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was home to arguably the greatest library of games on any single console. It had games that set new standards in graphic technology, and stretched 2D gaming beyond the limits of the imagination of the NES-era player. Super Metroid is one such game. As advertised, it contains console-gaming's first ever two-screen-tall boss, but this feat pales in comparison to the astounding quality of Super Metroid as a whole game experience. Its 2D, sprite-based graphics...

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Imitation is the highest form of flattery 0

Metroid Fusion was the first 2D entry in the series since Super Metroid, and because of that fact alone, the game had big shoes to fill, even on a weaker platform like the GBA. Metroid Fusion largely does not disappoint, with much of the requisite Metroid elements present and accounted for. Despite the hand-holding of Samus' new ship's computer, Metroid Fusion still manages to offer all the challenging exploration, memorable bosses, and engaging puzzle-solving Metroid fans expect. The game's pre...

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Samus could have saved the GameCube. If anyone knew she was there 0

With its stunning production quality, sublimely intuitive controls, and immersive atmosphere; this game is true to the vision of series creator Gunpei Yokoi, and adds considerable layers of depth to its meta-narrative.Metroid games have always done things differently. The entire series seems to straddle the genres of shooter, platformer, and adventure. The first Metroid game to take place in three dimensions continues this trend of bucking trends. One of the trends it bucks is narrative sequence...

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