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Nothing looks tougher than a bald man with sunglasses... 0

In Mafia II's first multi-platform arcade-style DLC you play as Jimmy. Jimmy was and is "the guy the other guys call when they need to finish a job", AKA a hitman. Anyway, Jimmy has ended up in jail after someone screwed him over and now he wants revenge...  To clear things up, this DLC is separate from the main campaign. Money, clothing, and cars are not shared between the campaign and DLC. The city is exactly the same, but you won't be seeing any of the characters from the main game. This is w...

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The Renaissance Man's Cover Shooter 4

  Have you ever pushed 125 on a hot rod with doo-wop blasting on the radio, drowning out the police sirens? What about fist-fighting a deadly Irishman to the sounds of Rock Around the Clock. Maybe you've been in a gun fight on the roof of a mall? Well if you have or you haven't you should still play Mafia II. I'm sure you've heard the reviews for this game that range from mediocre to pretty good. What I'm here to say is this game is damn good and in a lot of different ways. Like the title sa...

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Ded Read Deremption 2

Red Dead Redemption is the prime example of how a sandbox game should be.  The comparisons to GTA IV are totally irrelevant and unnecessary. Rockstar has done a phenomenal job in creating an enthralling world with a great story line and cast of characters.  Unlike GTA, Red Dead takes itself far more seriously and rarely dives into the realm of the ridiculous (although hilarious) quirks that are found in the typical GTA game.  There are funny characters and moments, but the atmosphere and gamepla...

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A fan boy's review. 2

Let me cut to the chase. Yes, Just Cause 2 is worth a $60 price tag. Normally I'm wary of paying full price for a game with no multiplayer, but Just Cause 2's expansive world and damn near perfect mechanics leaves the player with the same satisfaction as a fast paced game like Halo or Call of Duty would provide online.  To be honest, you're not going to be buying this game for the campaign. The short and hardly interesting story line only exists to provide the most exciting missions in the game....

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