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I got into Jedi Outcast when i was in the middle of my busiest kung fu fetish, doing lots of classes and watching lots of movies. I mailed Raven about how incredibly close the game came to Hong Kong flying sword cinema, and got a really nice response saying there were lots of hong kong movie fans in the team and that was definitely one of the inspirations. First and last time a developer replied to my fan mail ;) Ah but good memories, good memories

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@jakob187: Jenny is like.. A crowning moment in video games, in terms of what they can do to you. The Darkness worked as an experience almost entirely because of that event. I really, really wanted to hurt that son of a bitch after that scene.

Good call. I get it. It just made me really ingrained to go and GET HIM, not quit playing for a bit.
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I'm sort of surprised an iPhone app for a community website has next to nada community features. At the very least it'd be nice to be able to update my status or comment on articles through the app. As it is, i'm weirded out to say, it actually feels a little bare. Don't hit me!

Also, i feel this is when i go all fruitcake and warn people that the iPhone is a cool PDA/iPod but a shite phone, and that if you want this app you're better off getting the iPod touch and getting a real phone instead. The iPhone phone featureset makes it seem like a complete afterthought. It can not be taken seriously.

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@jakob187: Emotion-quitting? I'm intrigued! Give me an example :)
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In retrospect, I guess it's not really about a game that's merely scary, but a game that somehow made you simply unable to keep playing it. Silent Hunter 4 isn't a game that's meant to be scary as much as it's meant to be suspenseful, but for me with my stupid phobia, it becomes almost unbearable.

I think a game can be scary as hell but still be playable. Dead Space is a good example. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with that game even if i did come out of it feeling a bit skittish after every session.

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@Video_Game_King: Scary games have always been scary, only just in their timeframe. Like the Amiga version of Alien3 freaked me the fuck out. Jurassic Park on the SNES was also absolutely terrifying to me. In retrospect, that game isn't even very hard, so my never completing it was probably because i couldn't get through the first person bits very well at all.
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So i have hydrophobia. Not proud of it, but i do. Deep water scares the bejeebus out of me, probably the one thing out there that makes me downright irrational and  crazy uncomfortable, and does it ever.

Ironically, this creates a real fascination with underwater/water themed video games. Playing Silent Hunter 3 was borderline horror for me; i'd find myself keeping the camera above water because as soon as it dropped beneath the waves and the sound got muted and i couldn't see the bottom, just that black void, it was just too uncomfortable to do for long. The Bioshock intro was tough for me for this reason as well. No seeing the bottom = i freak out.

Picked up Silent Hunter 4 for cheap today, installed it, played a while, enjoyed it. Liked going to the bottom of the pacific to see the new seabed detail, something about the brighter, bluer waters of this game makes the experience less harrowing. Then i made the mistake of doing the same thing at (game) night-time. There's something about how they do water in SH4 that is really, really accurate. The way light distorts, the way particles float and drift, the way it seems so damn deep. The sensation i got was so intense i actually had to stop playing, just quit out of the game immediately.

It got me thinking of other games that have gotten that response out of me; games that are instinctively uncomfortable to play to such a high degree that it becomes physically trying to keep going.

Project Zero 1-3
These games are evil enough to make me never want to play any of them ever again. The first was a horrible experience, the second i actually finished (through a fog of alcohol, bright lights and the rule of never playing alone), and the third i have tried repeatedly to get back into but it keeps simply repulsing me. I like the sensation of fear, but i don't like to be completely mortified. It's a very difficult balance apparently, since so few get it right, and some, like Project Zero, get it TOO right. The quality of the games as games is also something that can be discussed, since mechanically they are damn near archaic, the voice acting and animation work is iffy at best, but it all comes together to create this David Lynchian dream sequence experience that is a perfect foundation for a bunch of freaky ghosts doing freaky ghost shit.

Aliens vs Predator (PC)
The marine campaign. I can barely get through the first mission, and it just gets worse from there. Some of the most sadistic "play" i've ever done. Pitch blackness and randomly spawning, screaming rapist enemies. Argh. The sequel was pretty tough to play as well, but it was more of a comic book experience and didn't feel as intimate.

The underground bits in STALKER are insane events. Some of the shit they put you through in the dark is just twisted sadism.

So what about you lot. Any games freak you out so bad you had to stop playing?

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@Pakorn: You kind of have to play Arcanum "harder" than other games, such as avoiding combat like the plague, taking a LOT of care with your character choices, and when you're in combat pay extreme attention to the choices you make. The game is simply very, very unforgiving.

There are tons of patches for it though, official and unofficial, and i think the world, story and soundtrack make the experience worth the combat pain. Because it is pain. First time i played it it just about broke my heart; it really should have cloned Fallout further.

On my side, i'll be playing Turok(!) and FEAR 2, probably a bunch of Silent Hunter 4, Red Faction Guerilla and Dawn of war 2 beta as well. Maybe some Little King's Story. Sigh. So many games.
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@ParadoxControl: That is the single dumbest assessment of the LAN situation i have heard in a very very long time. Yelp about how dead LAN is the next time your ISP fucks your service and you have no ability to play the game you paid for.
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@Cerza: The license is what you pay for, not the hard copy or the ability to install. You're not a pirate if you play with a legit key :P