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Glad you enjoyed it! Near the tail end of the original Dragon Ball at the moment, and I gotta say, as a die-hard DBZ fan growing up before getting disillusioned with it later on, the original kicks the crap out of all of its sequels, to the point where I'm hesitant to even go on to rewatch DBZ, Kai or original, because I'm afraid it won't measure up and I'll just start hating it in comparison.

It makes me sad to know that so many people have skipped that one in favor of watching the more popular one. It feels like the one Toriyama had the most fun with and the brightest vision for.

YES! A year or two after dbz finally ended (airing on tv in the mid-2000's), I wanted more and went back to dragonball. What I got was a great show where you can see actual martial arts happen, and a huge colorful world. Fights were slower so people had time to be more creative in battle, characters had to travel and go on adventures. Sure, there were reused animations but that was ok. And it made me realize that ALL of dragon ball z is like the final arc of dbz (ignoring that gt and now super come after). I say this because near the end, you can start to see the dragon ball z style coming, they start doing some of the stuff you see so much of in Z. I will leave it there, since I don't want to accidentally spoil anything about the end game of DB.

When I finished it, and in my head I mostly connected to where DBZ starts, i felt like DB was the better show.

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I like the theories put forth as an answer so far. I never noticed this in the game but if true, thats an awesome bit of detail.

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Life tomorrow, without thought and invention yesterday.

*no game needed, own it.

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Insomniac's Spiderman would never happen but would be amazing.

Aloy sounds cool, 2B would be great, and Mashima would be awesome too.

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Gameplay: 5>2>1>PW>3>4

Story: 2>1>3>4>5>PW

Overall: 2>1>5>3>4/PW

PP is one of the best playing games of all time!

I mostly agree with this except that I would flip 2 and 3(specifically the subsistence edition) in all three categories. 2 is fantastic but 3 was on a whole other level.

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@captain_insano: I wonder about that. When they finish Sunshine, could it not fit roughly in that spot? I never played DND, so I can't say for how long set up is, but once they get going, a 2 hour episode a week for a couple months sounds like something I can see them do.

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Mario and luigi inside story is an rpg but a very delightful one, maybe check out a video?

There is also Ghost trick, its a fantastic and witty game, fully recommend it.

If Sonic forces bummed you out and you want a sonic game, I really enjoyed Sonic Rush. Its 2.5d, has a fun boost button, and is a great time.

And as @justin258 has already mentioned, castlevania dawn of sorrow (never got to ecclesia and no interest in portrait), and Chronotrigger are fantastic. I did play a lot of ZX, and its decent. I played the Zero games on gba and can confirm they are great.

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@chrjz: I had the same return situation with Toys r us. It made me terrified to open it. What I noticed is that the box and bagging is all unsealed on the switch. There is no seals/shrink wrap or other ripped plastic. How could they tell you opened it? I say wipe it down and bag it up, tell them you changed you mind and send it back.

Edit: At least this is what I saw with the Mario Bundle.

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In the podcast Vinny talked about his switch's fan was on constantly. Was that on boot or after he launched any game? I just bought a switch and I'm feeling super paranoid about mine. I can't remember what episode it was he talked about it on.

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The last game in the series I played was brotherhood( actually, it was Revelation's multiplayer).

I always wanted to play Black flag because of the boat stuff(didn't have a PS4 until this year). However, Origin's Egypt setting really caught my attention and looks exciting.

I have only so much stamina for open world games like these. And playing two assassin's Creed games in a row seems like a terrible idea.