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Hardcore for Hardcore sake. 0

Well, i have played this game on day one of launch. I being essentially a newbie to the franchise (except for a rental of the game 10 years ago) i jumped in on Marvel vs Capcom 3. Immediately opting in for the online. I won my first game due to pure button matching and remembering to quarter circle at all times. But every game after that was a loss, or failed to connect. The game looks great and had taken me by surprise with a few simple things.   Presentation. The game looks amazing. The cel s...

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My impressions so far... a review of the beginning 0

 I am writing this as I play the game. And what I will say is something I have not heard any other reviewer say. This game is great, and keep in mind I have not played the first.-hour glass-. Now I am as far as the first temple, and so far the train stuff just seems like skin for a formulaic Zelda game but what made this instantly better than any other Zelda is how Zelda herself is. (NOTE:This is not really a spoiler since. I assume most know someone special joins link for the first time in a ZE...

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