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Mega Man 1: Wily Fortress 2

So I've been playing Mega Man 1, having hardly any memory of the game. I've been working on trying to record it and put it on Youtube with annotated commentary like Frank Cifaldi did so awesomely with obscure NES game Mr. Gimmick. I had a bunch of issues with the sound so most of the game got wasted with crummy videos that have unsynced sound. But I've just gotten a level recorded and annotated to a level I'd call decent, so here goes.
Keep in mind that I have by no means memorized this game, so you are seeing me learn to deal with this stuff in real time with nothing but way too many hours of Mega Man play to guide me. And some save states, because this game is way hard, as you will see.

 Playing the first Mega Man game is really weird, because it brings the tiny evolutions each game has had into a lot sharper focus. There is all kinds of weird stuff about Mega Man 1. There's a score, for one thing, and enemies are constantly dropping worthless bonus point items a la Castlevania or Ninja Gaiden. All the powerups you do want have not reached their iconic Mega Man 2 versions that are still used in a game that come out last month. It's weird. And I'm not sure if it happens in this video, but Mega Man falls like a rock if you walk directly off the side of a platform. And then there's the little sliding stop Mega Man makes in the first two games, but since Mega Man 3 he has stopped on a dime.

Oh and turns out that the audio is synced but way way quiet. I take no responsibility for woken up roomates when you forget you had it turned all the way up.