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The Edge (Hope I don't get sued for this)

I visited Destructoid earlier tonight and saw a very interesting story. It's all about Tim Langdell and Edge Games. You know, the guys who brought you Fairlight and Garfield: Big Fat Hairy Deal.
What? You've never heard of them? Maybe that's because they haven't actually released anything since the 1980s. Just look at this list of their published games on their official site, where every game is listed at least five times to inflate their count to '756'. So why am I writing a blog about some defunct ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 developer/publisher? Well, if you read the Destructoid story, you'll see that CEO Tim Langdell claims a bit of a monopoly on the word 'Edge.' Apparently, any game with that word in the title is infringing on his copyright and deserves to be sued. Mirror's Edge? Sued. Mobi game's iPhone app 'Edge'? Sued and pulled off the app store. Edge of Twilight? Threatened. They've also taken stabs at Edge Magazine and Edge comics.
So I did a little detective work and went to their site. Hey, they've got a new game coming out for 360, PS3, Wii and PC called Racers(TM)! That's a creative title... Apparently it's going to be released in September 2009 and it's got an ESRB rating of RP... Wait a second... (Looks at the calendar)... Hang on... Something's coming to me...
But hey, these guys are definitely active. Look, they're re-releasing their classic Commodore 64 games for the Wii Virtual Console! Classics like Wizardry. You've heard of Wizardry, right? Wait, no, not that Wizardry, this knock off one.
Scroll down some more and you'll see how happy they will be to sell you a fifteen dollar 2 GB SD card, a Datel Wii Nunchuck, or a custom built PC.
Lots more information, including juicy PDFs full of threatening legalese filled emails!